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"Good-Looking Corpse, Part 4": At the hospital, Lois goes to see Catherine and gets scolded by a nurse for asking how Catherine is doing.

Appearing in "Good-Looking Corpse, Part 4"

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Synopsis for "Good-Looking Corpse, Part 4"

At the hospital, Lois goes to see Catherine and gets scolded by a nurse for asking how Catherine is doing. Kara wakes up, and Alex's friends debate helping her. They decide she should learn for herself, and Kara tries to go after Alex and gets knocked out of the sky and Father is back online.

Catherine reveals she helped set Alex free from Cadmus.

Alex's friends have changed their minds and are now helping Kara, and show her a room with a computer where they woke up.

Alex has Blue Beetle and Miss Martian under control, but is having trouble with Robin. Alex forces him to face his worst fears, which include him standing over Batman & Co., all of whom are dead.

Catherine tells Lois she helped Alex get free because he promised to cure her son, but not her son.

Kara rips a sunstone out of one of the drones.

Catherine reveals Alex was grown in a Cadmus lab, raise by the Father program, and she and he developed a bond, and then her eyes start glowing purple revealing that Alex is controlling her.

Kara jams the sunstone into her phone and activates the FlyOver app, which somehow deactivates Alex's friends who were really drones.

Alex shows up and beats up Kara with the power of his mind, and reveals he's not all Kryptonian but has just a little Kryptonian DNA in himŠ and the rest of him was cloned from/somehow similar to Dubbilex.


  • This book was first published on April 20, 2011.
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