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"Home Invasion": Despite having ostensibly saved Supergirl's life, the Sanctuary has targeted Power Girl for eradication, on account of its inability to comprehend the existence of a being which is essentially a

Quote1 Great, I'm going to die because of math. Quote2
-- Supergirl (Kara Zor-El)

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Synopsis for "Home Invasion"

Despite having ostensibly saved Supergirl's life, the Sanctuary has targeted Power Girl for eradication, on account of its inability to comprehend the existence of a being which is essentially a clone of its master. Supergirl steps in on behalf of her extra-dimensional doppelganger and saviour, attempting to explain to the unusually obtuse Sanctuary that she doesn't want Power Girl to be eradicated. Wrong, but intuitive, the Sanctuary assumes that both Karas claim to be the real one, and that they must resolve the dispute by fighting to the death in gladiatorial combat.

Sensing that Supergirl isn't interested in that avenue, the Sanctuary begins a chromo-scan, to determine which is the clone, only to determine that it is Supergirl who is the clone. Naturally, this sparks further confusion between the two Karas, as neither knows how or why the Sanctuary would mistake Supergirl for a clone. Apart from the Kryptonite poisoning she suffered, nothing has happened to her lately - at least, not genetically. Supergirl suggests that perhaps Power Girl has something to do with it, and while they argue about it, the Sanctuary continues to aggressively suggest that Supergirl follow a set of blue lights to her doom.

Eventually, though, the Sanctuary becomes angry with the supposed clone's failure to comply with its nudging, and sends a droid to capture Supergirl via the inhumane option. The droid expels a blast of energy into Supergirl, causing her great pain. Power Girl desperately commands the Sanctuary to stop, but it refuses, despite its imperative to recognize her as its master. Cornering Supergirl, the Sanctuary explains that there will be no tolerance of any kind for duplicates, regardless of their origin. It adds that, given the numerous negative things that have happened to her, it seems that the universe wants Supergirl, and not Power Girl to die. Why fight it?

Outside the Sanctuary, Power Girl bangs on the door, and the noise becomes a distraction. Annoyed, the Sanctuary removes her air-bubble, and she passes out. She wakes moments later, though, when she hears Supergirl from inside the Sanctuary, desperately crying out for her to freeze the entire Sanctuary. Swimming to the surface, Power Girl takes a deep breath, and then rushes back down to encase the whole sanctuary in ice.

Inside, Supergirl recalls the equation for the likelihood of fracture given a massive rise in temperature affecting a frozen solid. Then, she begins emitting a massive blast of energy and heat that causes the entire Sanctuary to explode apart. From the wreckage, Power Girl grabs her friend and drags her up to the surface, trying to revive her. Spluttering up water, Supergirl remarks that she still thinks Power Girl is too old for her new costume.

Later, Supergirl watches the sun rising on the horizon of the Earth, remarking that it looks just like a Kryptonian sunset. Power Girl admits that she has forgotten much of her Kryptonian past, and appreciates the reminder.

Meanwhile, the Sanctuary's eradicator droid emerges from the wreckage, still intent on destroying the clone.


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