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"The Quest for Cosmic Boy: E.R.G.onomics (Part II of II)": The quest to find Cosmic Boy continues as three Legionnaires - Shadow Lass[[Category:Tasmia Mallor (Earth-Prime)/Appearances|Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes Vol 01 00

Quote1 You waste the president, and whatever worthwhile inside you dies too. Your brother's using you. I know a guy who's smarter than everyone on Earth put together. Give us a chance to help you. Grife, if Brainy had been a Legionnaire during your tryout, you and I would probably be dating right now. Quote2
-- Atom Girl

Appearing in "The Quest for Cosmic Boy: E.R.G.onomics (Part II of II)"

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Synopsis for "The Quest for Cosmic Boy: E.R.G.onomics (Part II of II)"

The quest to find Cosmic Boy continues as three Legionnaires - Shadow Lass, Atom Girl and Timber Wolf - try to stop a murder of the president of Lallor at the hands of the energy-being known as E.R.G.-1. Timber Wolf suddenly transforms into a very feral form, which is more violent and brutish. The Legionnaires are guessing that E.R.G.-1's attack is coordinated by someone called "Randall" as they've heard E.R.G.-1 shout "Shut up, Randall!". Atom Girl convinces E.R.G.-1 to break free from Randall's manipulation, and rejoin the Legion (as E.R.G.-1 had once been a Legionnaire, but was believed to be dead.[1] Atom Girl comes to Randall's hiding place by riding an fiber optics link (through the telephone) and easily wins.

In the Gobi Rainforest (in the 21st century, it's called "Gobi Desert"), Supergirl, Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad are looking for Cosmic Boy as they discover a building belonging to Sev Tcheru, who introduces himself as "what all humans may one day become, a billion years hence, if the genetic potential of Homo sapiens is utterly fulfilled". He is nicknamed "Evolvo-Lad" by Lightning Lad. To combat Lightning Lad and Supergirl, Sev devolves himself into a Neanderthal-like creature, and shows himself to be strong enough to hit even Supergirl.


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