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"The Super-Family of Steel!": Van-Zee is a scientist from Krypton living in the bottle city of Kandor and a relative of Superman is working on making a duplicate of Superman's indestructible costume. While wearing the costume and bathing it in Hyper-Zeta Ray's, Superman happens to be using his x

Appearing in "The Super-Family of Steel!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • None

Other Characters:

  • Laura Barton (Single appearance)
  • Sir Essex (Single appearance)



  • Zak-Kul's enlarging ray


  • None

Synopsis for "The Super-Family of Steel!"

Van-Zee is a scientist from Krypton living in the bottle city of Kandor and a relative of Superman is working on making a duplicate of Superman's indestructible costume. While wearing the costume and bathing it in Hyper-Zeta Ray's, Superman happens to be using his x-ray vision to look into Kandor causes a freak accident that transports Van-Zee to Earth and restores him to full size. Van-Zee confides in Superman that he has fallen in love with Lois Lane, and asks for Superman's permission to court her and take her back to Kandor where she would be safe. With his first duty to safe guard the Earth, and wanting Lois to be happy, the Man of Steel consents to his relative to try and court Lois Lane.

When Van-Zee confronts Lois, he tells her the truth that he is not Superman, but his distant relative, and Lois turns him down telling Van-Zee that she loves only the real Superman. When Lois suggests that since Van-Zee is a near twin of his relative, then there must be a woman somewhere out there that looks like Lois Lane as well, Van-Zee decides to seek this woman out. Sure enough, Van-Zee finds her: Millionaire heiress Sylvia DeWitt who is being forced into a marriage with Sir Essex of England by her father. Not finding Essex attractive in the least, Sylvia flees home and assume the alias Jane Brown.

She takes a cruise on a ship and meets a woman named Laura Barton who is convinced that "Jane Brown" is Lois Lane. Not wishing to be recognized, Sylvia deflects any suspicions until Laura leaves the ship. When Sylvia accidentally falls overboard, she is rescued by Van-Zee who proposes to her. Initially thinking it's a trick orchestrated by her father, she demands that Van-Zee bring her lavish gifts to prove his claim that he is really a Kryptonian. He makes true by getting her an ancient Egyptian ring, brings her a Grecian dress, and travels to the distant past to get flowers from the Garden of Eden. Accepting the gifts Sylvia agrees to marry Van-Zee and the two fly off to a remote island and are married by a native chief.

The pair then take a rocket into space where Van-Zee shows her the sights and makes a monument of their love in deep space by hurling meteors at two moons to carve out their images. Setting up a home on the planet Venus, Van-Zee shows her all the technology he has setup and gives her a signal watch to call him if there is ever trouble. Trouble ensues when alien invaders arrive to try and capture Sylvia, but Van-Zee rescues her and decides to make a super-serum to endow her with super powers. Before this happens however, she becomes pregnant and months later Van-Zee takes her to the planet Urth where she gives birth to twins. The twins are endowed with super-powers which prove to be difficult for Sylvia to discipline the children when they act up.

Van-Zee perfects the super-serum and when Sylvia drinks it she gets super-powers so that she can look after Lyle and Lili easier. When Van-Zee goes on a mission to Urth, Sylvia thinks that he went to Earth due to their similar sounding names. So when she looks upon Earth with her x-ray vision she sees Superman saving Lana Lang's life. When Lana thanks Superman with a surprise kiss, Sylvia believes that it's Van-Zee, and when her husband returns home she lashes out at him, takes the children and leaves their home to go to Urth.

When Lyle points out what his father had really done, Sylvia decides to check it out and asks a native of Urth if her husband was on this world. When it is confirmed, Sylvia tracks down her husband and they reconcile. Returning to Earth, they meet with Superman and Lois Lane, and decide that to avoid this confusion again in the future Van-Zee and his family should return to the bottle city of Kandor. Reduced to size the family is dropped into the city where they resume their happy marriage.

Lois, getting a hold of Van-Zee's super-formula attempts to drink it to get super-powers to find that it doesn't work because his serum only worked on Sylvia's blood type.


  • This story is presented in such a way as to lead the reader to think that it is really Lois Lane and Superman that are the central focus of the story, it is not until the end that the writers reveal that it is really Van-Zee and Sylvia DeWitt.
  • On the cover, Part 3 of the tale is titled "Super-Babes of the Super-Parents". In the splash pages for Parts 1 and 3, however, the title is instead "The Secret of the Super-Family".


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