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"Li'l Leaguers, Part 2 of 2": The miniature versions of Superman and Batman's enemies led by a Lil' Lex Luthor barges into LexCorp Tower and learns that pain and death applies here than in their reality. Meanwhile, the Lil' Leaguers are brought to the Justice League Satellite in meeting their co

Quote1 Whoa. Well...mommy always said...I was a little crazy!! Quote2
-- Joker

Appearing in "Li'l Leaguers, Part 2 of 2"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Lil' Bizarro
  • Lil' Brainiac (Dies)
  • Lil' Catwoman
  • Lil' Clayface
  • Lil' Cyborg Superman
  • Lil' Doomsday (Dies)
  • Lil' Hush (Dies)
  • Lil' Joker
  • Lil' Killer Croc
  • Lil' Lex Luthor
  • Lil' Mister Freeze
  • Lil' Poison Ivy
  • Lil' Two-Face
  • Lex Luthor
  • Joker

Other Characters:

  • Lil' Leaguers
  • Batgirl (On a TV or computer screen)
  • Robin (On a TV or computer screen)




Synopsis for "Li'l Leaguers, Part 2 of 2"

The miniature versions of Superman and Batman's enemies led by a Lil' Lex Luthor barges into LexCorp Tower and learns that pain and death applies here than in their reality. Meanwhile, the Lil' Leaguers are brought to the Justice League Satellite in meeting their counterparts with cheerful results. In spite of the revelry, the Batmen are not too fond of this, until everyone are alerted to a crisis happening in Metropolis. The Lil' Leaguers want to join with their counterparts in the crime fighting, but are told not to as recommended by Batman as their world is too dangerous for them. However, the Justice League needs someone to watch over the Lil' Leaguers in which a reluctant Batman volunteers. The League travels to Metropolis and find Lex Luthor in a war torn street. They immediately suspect Luthor for the cause of the damages, but only to be corrected by him that he is trying to save the city from the Lil' villains. Superman is confuse by this as Mister Mxyzptlk had previously said he brought only the Lil' Leaguers as the Lil's villains proved to be more dangerous than they look as they fight the adult League.

Back on the Justice League Satellite, the Lil' Leaguers are taking a nap except for Lil' Superman and Batman while being monitored by the adult Batman. As this is happening, the Lil' Luthor, Joker, Catwoman and Doomsday infiltrate the satellite's trophy room to find the Father Box and used it on Lil' Doomsday to be power up. Superman and Batman reunite with their Lil' counterparts and notice something is amiss and finds the Lil's villains at the act of powering up Lil' Doomsday. The Supermen and Batmen fight the Lil' villains as Superman tries to warn them that the Father Box is too unpredictable and could destroy everything. As he forewarned this, Lil' Doomsday begins to glow. Lil' Superman, knowing that Doomsday will self-destruct, pushes him out of the satellite and flies him far away in which he explodes, plunging the Lil' Superman to spiral down, lifelessly into Superman's arms. The heroes are incredibly dismay of Lil' Superman's death as Bat-Mite and a tearful Mxyzptlk appears on the scene, the latter stating that this wasn't meant to happened and revealed that Bat-Mite was responsible for the Lil' villains' appearances. Mxyzptlk elaborates that he'd made a bet with Bat-Mite to wager if Superman and Batman's world is basically good or evil, and brought the little villains and heroes from their dimension to see the result. A agitated Lil' Batman demands Mxyzptlk and Bat-Mite in bringing Lil' Superman back, but Mxyzptlk explains to him that life and death is beyond them and couldn't bring his friend back from the dead. Superman wants Mxyzptlk to take the little heroes and villains back to their world, but Lil' Batman refuses and wanting to stay to see that the evil in their world is wiped out. Superman and Batman console Lil' Batman as his world needs him and that they need to hear of Lil' Superman's sacrifice didn't go in vain, and acknowledge the fact that his hopeful optimism triumphs over pain and death. As Mxyzptlk and Bat-Mite sends the little heroes and villains back to their dimension, the former promise that he will find a way to revive Lil' Superman. After they left, Superman ponders if the Lil' Leaguers will be okay without the loss of their Superman before he realizes that he didn't see the Lil' Joker leaving with them.

At Arkham Asylum, the Joker is paid a visit from the Lil' Joker who breaks into his cell. In which the two Jokers are very amuse to seeing each other.


  • The television show that the Lil' Leaguers were watching is Tiny Titans.


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