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Superman: Man of Steel Vol 1 116


Superman: Man of Steel Vol 1 116

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"Chest Deep in Heroes' Blood": Superman faces the Black Racer who has come to claim Steel - the Black Racer is a 'deity' that takes away select mortal souls. As he explains to Superman that this is how it must be, he also looks back

Quote1 Not everyone dies a warrior to be personally escorted into eternity by the Black Racer. Quote2
-- The Black Racer

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Synopsis for "Chest Deep in Heroes' Blood"

Superman faces the Black Racer who has come to claim Steel - the Black Racer is a 'deity' that takes away select mortal souls. As he explains to Superman that this is how it must be, he also looks back over what has passed. Many have died in the recent past, in the conflict brought about by the coming of Imperiex, and Superman was almost one of these, but was brought to Apokolips in response to the demands of Darkseid. The ruler of Apokolips wanted the Man of Steel to help form the ultimate weapon against Imperiex - the shell of one of his own probes fitted with some Apokoliptian technology.

However, at that same moment, a weakened Steel was trying to find out if Superman and Doomsday had succeeded against Imperiex. While doing so, he made an important discovery, and tried to alert Superman. However, someone did not want this discovery communicated to others, and put a swift end to Steel's life. Only his distress signal reached Superman's ears - he left Apokolips immediately, much to Darkseid's fury, but when he arrived it was already too late. Superman pleads with the Black Racer to spare Steel, to allow him to pass on his message (all he has managed to write, in his own blood, is 'Warw'), but to no avail. Or so it would seem - after leaving Superman, a memory of his humanity comes back to the Black Racer, and he decides to exploit the fact that 'death is relative'.

Meanwhile, Lois Lane leaves the space ark vessel, called to Earth at the request of President Luthor. Not long after she leaves, the ark comes under attack from Imperiex.


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