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Appearing in "Impact!"

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  • Neil Watts (Single appearance)




Synopsis for "Impact!"

As the Man of Steel brings his brawl with the Last Son of Krypton to a close with the latter conceding that there is more to being Superman than just having power, Lex Luthor II strikes a deal with the White Rabbit by having the Man of Steel delivered to her for her personal destruction. The Man of Steel is offered a free ride back to Metropolis where he is greeted by gunfire by the White Rabbit's gang and almost squashed to death by Graham's expanding mass. The White Rabbit takes Man of Steel to an abandoned factory for manufacturing parts for Toastmasters when she trips a switch, intending to trap him there while she sets off a bomb to destroy him with the factory. However, the Man of Steel causes the factory to collapse upon her while he escapes in time just before the bomb explodes.


  • This issue is Triangle number 21 for the year 1993.


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The Death and Return of Superman
The events from this issue or series are related to The Death and Return of Superman, a retroactively named trilogy in which Superman is killed by the monster Doomsday, and then later brought back to life. Meanwhile, four superheroes debut in Metropolis to take his place, The Eradicator, Steel, Cyborg Superman, and Superboy.
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