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Superman: Man of Steel Vol 1 32


Superman: Man of Steel Vol 1 32

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"Love & Death!": Superman is taking Bizarro II back to Luthor's lab, but when Bizarro wakes and sees Lois Lane he breaks free and they continue to fight. They crash through a train track, and while Superman is forced to

Appearing in "Love & Death!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • M.T.A. driver
  • Dr. Packard
  • engaged couple
  • clerk at S & S Diamond Exchange
  • customers at S & S Diamond Exchange
  • Underworlders


  • S & S Diamond Exchange



Synopsis for "Love & Death!"

Superman is taking Bizarro II back to Luthor's lab, but when Bizarro wakes and sees Lois Lane he breaks free and they continue to fight. They crash through a train track, and while Superman is forced to save an oncoming train, Bizarro escapes.

Back at Luthor's lab, Dr. Packard has determined that a special electromagnetic field is what might be protecting the Bizarro clone from degrading like all the other clones. Luthor orders him to find out how to manipulate it to save himself.

Lois discusses with Lucy Lane how she feels bad for Bizarro. Superman tries to locate him but as he has not been able to fine tune his enhanced super hearing or vision, he is unable to do so. On a rooftop Bizarro is inspired by a romantic couple nearby, and robs a jewelery store. Bizarro presents Lois with a gigantic ring, hoping to win her love. Superman attempts to intervene, and the battle is renewed. As Superman hits him, unaware of how much stronger he is, Bizarro is knocked into a nearby bridge destroying it. The two work together to save the people on the bridge. Watching remotely, Lex Luthor II becomes concerned with Bizarro's fate. If the creature is destroyed, so might his chances of finding a cure by studying it.

Meanwhile in Underworld, the Underworlds are bringing their sick clones to Emil Hamilton in hopes he can determine if Cadmus is responsible for their demise or not. As he investigates he does in fact determined that Cadmus is not poisoning them but may have been poisoned when Metropolis was flooded. Lex overhears this and promises vengeance against Cadmus and Westfield.

The Guardian arrives and sets up a trap for Bizarro, using Lois as the bait. When he tries to rescue Lois from the cables in which she is entangled, Bizarro receives a huge electrical shock. Lois feels horrible for betraying Bizarro. Team Luthor immediately arrives and takes Bizarro into their custody.


Superman navigation number 1994/13.


There are many parallels with the story of Bizarro and Lois Lane, and King Kong and Ann Darrow, including how she is strung up as bait to trap the monster.

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Action Comics #697: 1994/12
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Superman (volume 2) #88: 1994/14

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