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Superman: Man of Steel Vol 1 39


Superman: Man of Steel Vol 1 39

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"Life or Death": Keith is arguing with another boy if Superman is the real deal or not, while his mother watches from the shadows. Even though she misses him, she is happy that he is being taken care of.

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Synopsis for "Life or Death"

Keith is arguing with another boy if Superman is the real deal or not, while his mother watches from the shadows. Even though she misses him, she is happy that he is being taken care of.

While Superman is on his way to STAR Labs to see if Lex Luthor is behind the body found in his tomb, Dr. Faulkner discusses how best to keep Conduit locked up with Mr. Draper. An alarm goes off. Outside some guards see a shadow, and thinking it is Conduit who has escaped, open fire. It isn't Conduit, it was actually Keith who has snuck into STAR Labs to prove that Superman is real. Luckily Superman arrives just in time and blocks the shots from hurting him.

Perry White discusses adopting Keith with Alice. At STAR LABS Superman subjects himself to tests run by Professor Hamilton to confirm if he is the real Superman or not. Dr. Faulkner promises to let him see Lex Luthor after the tests are complete.

Keith and his friends are talking about his rescue by Superman. As his mother again watches from the shadows, Keith expresses that he doesn't want to get adopted as he knows his mother will come back for him. His mother falls down due to some illness and Keith notices, rushes to her aid, and tells his friends to call 911!

While Superman is nervous about the test results, Alice is with Keith in the hospital watching over his mom. His mom says that the reason she stayed away from him was because she has AIDS, and she didn't want that to stop anyone from adopting him. Perry and Alice discuss adopting Keith again. While Perry is cautious because of their previous son who died, Alice says that not only can they give Keith a second chance, but that he could be theirs.

As Superman saves an oil tanker that is sinking he thinks of Keith and how he is the only one who never stopped believing in him. He promises to visit him and his mother in the hospital afterwards. Alice tells Keith that they are interested in adopting him. At first he seems excited, but says that he can't leave his mother.

At his Keith's mother's bed side, Alice tells her that she is interested in adopting Keith. She is pleased that Keith will be in a good home and signs the papers making the Whites his guardian. She passes away soon after. Superman arrives but decides not to intrude.

Back at STAR Labs, Professor Hamilton's tests prove that Superman is the fake, and that the corpse is real. Superman is upset and is sure that Luthor is behind this. But after he sees that Luthor is just a vegetable, he decides that there is only one other person who could be responsible for this...Brainiac!


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