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Superman: Man of Steel Vol 1 50


Superman: Man of Steel Vol 1 50

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"Split Personality": A father and his two sons are fishing in Metropolis Bay when one of the boys snags his line and receives a shock. Far above the earth, the Tribunal's fleet approaches, noting that their homing beacon (apparently planted by the alien bounty hunter in [[Adventures of Superman

Appearing in "Split Personality"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Tribunal Prime (First appearance)
  • Pollux (First appearance)
  • Ternion (First appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Zack, Sam, and their father
  • Centurions
  • unnamed aliens accompanying the Tribunal
  • Chris (Jimmy's cameraman)
  • Lois' photographer
  • Mope (Cameo); (First appearance)




  • Three Guys Warren (a boat)
  • The Tribunal's fleet

Synopsis for "Split Personality"

A father and his two sons are fishing in Metropolis Bay when one of the boys snags his line and receives a shock. Far above the earth, the Tribunal's fleet approaches, noting that their homing beacon (apparently planted by the alien bounty hunter in Adventures of Superman #528 has been tampered with. Superman is engaged in a life-or-death battle with the Parasite, who has retained Rudy Jones ruthless personality AND the intellect of his former victim Dr. Torval Freeman. The heavily armored SCU join the fight, but the Man of Steel has been drained of his powers and is almost helpless, while the Parasite quickly dispatches one the SCU. The tide turns when the Alpha Centurion and his Centurions arrive on the scene.

They are quickly followed by two alien police and the powerhouse called Brute. Accused of destroying Krypton, Superman is taken prisoner. The Parasite is furious at his enemy's escape, but soon absorbs all of the energy from the power generator.

Aboard the alien flagship, Superman is taken to a cell by Brute, who is angered at the hero's feeble state. Claiming to have such powers as super-speed and paralysis beams, Brute was hoping for a chance to defeat the Man of Steel in a fair battle. Blaming Superman for his "milk-brother"'s impending death, Brute snaps and pounds the weakened champion through the hull of the ship into the sun, fully powering him once more.

While Brute and Superman battle in space, the Centurion tracks the super-charged Parasite. Although Superman quickly falls to Brute's paralysis beams, the Centurion is able to pin the Parasite until Torval Freeman's family is brought to the scene of the fight.

Superman overcomes the paralysis beam and renews his struggle, but he and Brute are dragged with the Tribunal ship as it takes to hyperspace. Brute finally captures the Man of Steel and presents him to the Tribunal. Brute is charged with trying to free Superman, and is launched into the Sun.

The Parasite succumbs to the appeal by Freeman's wife and regurgitates the unliving body of the doctor. While Freeman's family grieves, Parasite escapes into the West River. It is clear that Freeman is not truly dead, but rather he has become corrupted and fully integrated into the Parasite, a form now evenly shared by he and Jones.


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Action Comics #715: 1995/42
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Superman (Volume 2) #106: 1995/44

Superman Man of Steel Vol 1 50
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