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in: Dick Giordano/Executive Editor, Jon Bogdanove/Cover Artist, Dennis Janke/Cover Artist Louise Simonson/Writer, Jon Bogdanove/Penciler, Dennis Janke/Inker, Glenn Whitmore/Colourist, Bill Oakley/Letterer, Dan Thorsland/Editor, Mike Carlin/Editor, Kal-El (New Earth)/Quotes, Kal-El (New Earth)/Appearances, Bibbo Bibbowski (New Earth)/Appearances, Satanus (New Earth)/Appearances, Dubbilex (New Earth)/Appearances, Emil Hamilton (New Earth)/Appearances, Franklin Berkowitz (New Earth)/Appearances, Jose Delgado (New Earth)/Appearances, James Harper Clone (New Earth)/Appearances, James Olsen (New Earth)/Appearances, Alexander Luthor (New Earth)/Appearances, Lois Lane (New Earth)/Appearances, Perry White (New Earth)/Appearances, Metropolis Special Crimes Unit/Appearances, William Henderson (New Earth)/Appearances, Margaret Sawyer (New Earth)/Appearances, Vril Dox I (New Earth)/Appearances, Draaga (New Earth)/Appearances, Maxima (New Earth)/Appearances, Matrix (Pocket Universe)/Appearances, Keith Robert White (New Earth)/Appearances, Myra Allen (New Earth)/Appearances, Sarah Olsen (New Earth)/Appearances, Metropolis/Appearances, Hob's Bay/Appearances, New Troy/Appearances, Lexcorp Tower/Appearances, Newstime Magazine/Appearances, Suicide Slum/Appearances, Kirby County/Appearances, Mount Curtiss/Appearances, Project Cadmus (New Earth)/Appearances, Warworld/Appearances, Robot/Appearances, Brainiac's Skull Ship/Appearances, Panic in the Sky!, Comics, 1992, 1992, March, 1992, January (Publication), Superman: Man of Steel Vol 1, Modern-Age, Synopsis Written

Superman: Man of Steel Vol 1 9


Superman: Man of Steel Vol 1 9

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"Panic in the Sky!: First Strike - Power Breakfast": Panic in the Sky: The city of Metropolis erupts with a series of brilliant flashes and explosions as Brainiac's Skull Ship descends down upon it. Clark Kent, having just finished having lunch with [[Lois Lane (New Earth)|Lois

Quote1 Old song, Brainiac... you wouldn't know it... I get by... with the help of my friends! Quote2
-- Superman

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Synopsis for "Panic in the Sky!: First Strike - Power Breakfast"

Panic in the Sky: The city of Metropolis erupts with a series of brilliant flashes and explosions as Brainiac's Skull Ship descends down upon it. Clark Kent, having just finished having lunch with Lois Lane, quickly changes to Superman and flies off to confront the menace. The ship counters Superman's efforts with deadly radiation blasts from its eyes and steel-coiled tentacles that emerge from the underbelly of the ship.

The people of Metropolis all share different reactions to the most recent crisis. Emil Hamilton meets up with Bibbo Bibbowski and Jimmy Olsen who promptly retreat to Professor Hamilton's laboratory. Lois Lane finds a disposable camera and begins taking her own snapshots of the calamity. The Gangbuster arrives and protects the children at Myra Allen's orphanage. At LexCorp, Lex Luthor finishes up a meeting with Mayor Berkowitz and Collin Thornton. Thornton leaves to return to the Newstime Building and runs into Jimmy Olsen. He is impressed by some of the photos that Jimmy had taken of an earlier incident.

Superman meanwhile, continues fighting against Brainiac's ship. He punches his way inside and reaches the command module, but Brainiac is not present. He is operating the ship via remote control. Superman destroys the inner workings of the ship, then heaves the entire thing into the bay. Brainiac sends a telepathic signal to Superman, alerting him that this attack was but a distraction for the real threat. Brainiac has commandeered Warworld and is coming to Earth.


  • This issue is triangle #9/1992.


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This comic issue is a part of the "Panic in the Sky!" storyline that ran through alternating Superman titles in 1992. "Panic in the Sky!" involved the return of Brainiac who seized control of Warworld and used it to take punitive action against the planet Earth.