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Superman: New Krypton Special Vol 1 1


Superman: New Krypton Special Vol 1 1

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"New Krypton Part I of X": Funeral services are held for Jonathan Kent who suffered a massive heart attack during Brainiac's recent attack against Earth. After the service, Clark Kent returns home to spend some quality time with his mother, Martha.

Quote1 The unit's sole aim is Superman. And I don't think they just want to defeat him either -- I think they want him dead. Quote2
-- Jimmy Olsen

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Synopsis for "New Krypton Part I of X"

Funeral services are held for Jonathan Kent who suffered a massive heart attack during Brainiac's recent attack against Earth. After the service, Clark Kent returns home to spend some quality time with his mother, Martha.

Meanwhile, a military commander speaks with Agent Assassin inside a secret bunker concerning the recovered lost Kryptonian city Kandor, which now exists on Earth in the location of Superman's former Fortress of Solitude. The military is greatly concerned about a potential shifting of the balance of power now that there are so many Kryptonians on Earth. They have also recovered the captured Brainiac whom they are holding for study. Brainiac breaks free however, and begins attacking the scientists at the laboratory.

Superman flies to New Kandor and reunites with his aunt and uncle, Allura In-Ze and Zor-El. They are grateful to Superman for rescuing them from Brainiac's ship. Superman wants to help them assimilate into Earth society, but the Kryptonians are reluctant to embrace any great social change that would force them to act "less Kryptonian". A look of concern crosses Superman's face, and realizes that this may present a challenge in the future. To lighten the mood, reunites Allura and Zor-El with their daughter Kara, aka, Supergirl.

Later in Washington, D.C. Lois Lane visits the grave of her father Sam Lane, who heroically gave his life during the "Our Worlds at War" affair. Her sister Lucy arrives and the two have an awkward conversation.

Back in New Krypton, the Kryptonians are already beginning to absorb the sun's solar rays and develop super-powers.

Lois Lane returns to the Daily Planet in Metropolis and has a conversation with Jimmy Olsen. Jimmy tells Lois about his recent discovery of a military annex amassing resources specifically for taking out Superman.

Later, Sam Lane, revealed to be still alive, arrives at Stryker's Island Penitentiary. He recruits prisoner Lex Luthor to aid him in what he perceives to be a potential Kryptonian invasion.


Death of Sam Lane 01

The Death of Sam Lane

  • This issue shipped on October 22nd, 2008.
  • This issue includes the "Sightings" banner.
  • The events from this issue take place immediately following the events from Action Comics #870.


  • Some of the Kryptonians featured in this issue are dressed in outfits commonly seen during the Post-Crisis revisionist history, but is generally considered "non-canon" by modern standards of continuity.
  • Story continues in Superman #681

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New Krypton Crossover
This issue is related to the Superman: New Krypton crossover, running through the Superman Titles between 2008 and 2009, involving the coming of a great number of new Kryptonians to Earth from the Bottle City of Kandor.