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Superman (1996 TV Series)
This page contains a list of all episodes in the television series.
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September 6, 1996
February 12, 2000

Superman: The Animated Series ran from 1996 to 2000 and followed the adventures of Superman as he defended both Metropolis and the entire Earth. Later, after The New Batman Adventures began to air, the series was renamed The New Superman Adventures. The series was eventually canceled in favor of Batman Beyond.

A spin-off comic was also made, titled Superman Adventures.

Primary Cast

Guest Cast

Recurring Guest Cast


Season One

  1. The Last Son of Krypton, Part I
  2. The Last Son of Krypton, Part II
  3. The Last Son of Krypton, Part III
  4. Fun and Games
  5. A Little Piece of Home
  6. Feeding Time
  7. The Way of All Flesh
  8. Stolen Memories
  9. The Main Man, Part I
  10. The Main Man, Part II
  11. My Girl
  12. Tools of the Trade
  13. Two's a Crowd

Season Two

  1. Blasts from the Past, Part I
  2. Blasts from the Past, Part II
  3. The Promethon
  4. Speed Demons
  5. Livewire
  6. Identity Crisis
  7. Target
  8. Mxyzpixilated
  9. Action Figures
  10. Double Dose
  11. Solar Power
  12. Brave New Metropolis
  13. Monkey Fun
  14. Ghost in the Machine
  15. Father's Day
  16. World's Finest, Part I
  17. World's Finest, Part II
  18. World's Finest, Part III
  19. The Hand of Fate
  20. Bizarro's World
  21. Prototype
  22. The Late Mr. Kent
  23. Heavy Metal
  24. Warrior Queen
  25. Apokolips... Now!, Part I
  26. Apokolips... Now!, Part II
  27. Little Girl Lost, Part I
  28. Little Girl Lost, Part II

Season Three

  1. Where There's Smoke
  2. Knight Time
  3. New Kids in Town
  4. Obsession
  5. Little Big Head Man
  6. Absolute Power
  7. In Brightest Day...
  8. Superman's Pal
  9. A Fish Story
  10. Unity
  11. The Demon Reborn
  12. Legacy, Part I
  13. Legacy, Part II


The New Batman Adventures


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