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Superman (1996 TV Series) Episode: Legacy, Part I


Superman (1996 TV Series) Episode: Legacy, Part I

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Quote1 You were born on a dying world called Krypton. To save your tender young life, your parents launched you into space. Kind fate brought you here to Apokolips, where benevolent and wise Darkseid found you. He adopted you, and raised you as his own. Quote2
--Granny Goodness

Appearing in "Legacy, Part I"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:


  • Darkseid's Palace
  • Project Achilles HQ
  • Sinnott Air Base



Synopsis for "Legacy, Part I"

  • Synopsis not yet written.


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  • There are strong similarities between this episode and "Superman: The Dark Side", an Elseworlds story that has the baby Kal-El's spacecraft being diverted to Apokolips instead of Earth, by Metron. There, Darkseid raises the Kryptonian as his son, and orders him to lead an invasion of Earth when he discovers the Anti-Life Equation hidden there. In particular, Superman's battle armor in this episode is markedly similar to his Apokoliptan battle suit in the comic.

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