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Superman Confidential Vol 1 1


Superman Confidential Vol 1 1

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"Kryptonite (Part I of VI)": Directly following the explosion of the planet Krypton, a seemingly sentient piece of Kryptonite travels through space. Though inexorably bound to Krypton's last son – Kal-El[[Category:Kal-El

Quote1 To my friends and colleagues, I'm just a farm boy in the big city, trying to make his mark. To the rest of Metropolis, I've become a protector. A symbol of hope. Me? I just hope I don't screw up. It's been about two months now since I've started what Ma calls my "good work." Most of the time I get to help people in need. A week ago I was able to save a few hundred passengers in a crashing jet. They all think I'm indestructible. I wish that I were so sure. I've withstood bursting shells, thousands of volts of electricity, raging fires and countless other vicious acts of man and nature. I appear to be invulnerable. But am I? Or is it just a matter of time before I find the thing that can kill me? They think I'm fearless. But each new cataclysm gives me one sharp instant of mortal fear. Will this kill me? Am I dying right now? Quote2
-- Superman

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Synopsis for "Kryptonite (Part I of VI)"

Directly following the explosion of the planet Krypton, a seemingly sentient piece of Kryptonite travels through space. Though inexorably bound to Krypton's last son – Kal-El, it nevertheless finds a home on a far-off alien world.

Years later on the planet Earth, Superman defends Metropolis from a new villainous threat – the Royal Flush Gang. After quickly dispatching the villains, Superman races off for a late night dinner with Lois Lane at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Later at the Daily Planet, Perry White informs Lois Lane, Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen of the arrival of Anthony Gallo. Gallo is an hotelier from Nevada, who has only recently established the Utopia Casino in the heart of New Troy. White suspects him of being an unscrupulous opportunist and assigns his most solid, incorruptible reporters to investigate him.

Clark and Jimmy set up a stakeout across the street from the Utopia, while Lois Lane arranges for a personal meeting with Gallo.


  • This issue is reprinted in the Superman Confidential: Kryptonite hardcover collection.
  • This storyline takes place approximately two months after Clark Kent first becomes Superman.
  • This issue shipped on November 1st, 2007.
  • This issue includes a 3-D Heroscape preview with an attached pair of 3-D glasses.
  • This issue includes a five-page Teen Titans comic strip by Spark Top. The comic introduces the character of Sara Hunter.


  • The initial story arc for this series, re-imagines Clark's first exposure to Kryptonite.
  • This issue is one of the first DC Comics titles to feature a 2007 cover date.

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