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Superman Family Vol 1 188


Superman Family Vol 1 188

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"Crisis in Kandor!": Superman and Jimmy Olsen take a vacation in Kandor but become Nightwing and Flamebird and encounter the new Nightwing and Flamebird when Separatists, advocating life outside the Kandor bottle, take Van-Zee’s family hostage.

Appearing in "Crisis in Kandor!"

Featured Characters:

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Synopsis for "Crisis in Kandor!"

Superman and Jimmy Olsen take a vacation in Kandor but become Nightwing and Flamebird and encounter the new Nightwing and Flamebird when Separatists, advocating life outside the Kandor bottle, take Van-Zee’s family hostage.

Appearing in "The Death Angel from Earth"

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Synopsis for "The Death Angel from Earth"

An alien revolutionary tricks Superman into carrying a plague culture back to his home planet of Sunworld.

Appearing in "The Mutant Menace of Metropolis!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Synopsis for "The Mutant Menace of Metropolis!"

Lois Lane goes undercover to try and expose a connection between a gambling czar and a member of the Anti-Crime Commission, meets a new super-hero called the Human Cannonball, and helps him fight a rampaging, ray-altered, super-powered Tina Ames.

Appearing in "Ridin' the Rails"

Featured Characters:

Synopsis for "Ridin' the Rails"

While Krypto and Ed are hitching a ride aboard a boxcar on a freight train, the Dog of Steel must save the train from wrecking.

Appearing in "Here There Be... Giants!"

Featured Characters:

Synopsis for "Here There Be... Giants!"

The two pairs of Nightwings and Flamebirds fight the giant Separatists, who have been given great size by enlarging gas, but Van-Zee and Jimmy Olsen are taken captive. Sylvia attacks the Separatists holding her and frees herself and her children. Superman and Ak-Var manage to free their partners and immobilize the giants with an invention of Ak’s. Later, Superman is told by a Kandorian that his cousin Supergirl is accused of a crime, and being tried in Kandor.

Appearing in "Kandor vs. Supergirl!"

Featured Characters:

Synopsis for "Kandor vs. Supergirl!"

Supergirl is ordered to report to the city of Kandor via the shrinking process and micro-wave tunnel. When she arrives, she is arrested, though she tries to fight off the police. Supergirl is visited in her cell by Superman, Jimmy Olsen (both of whom have just had an adventure in Kandor), Van-Zee, and Ak-Var, who tell her that she is subject to Kandorian law through her parentage, and is about to be taken to court. Once there, she discovers her accuser is Shyla Kor-Onn. Shyla accuses Supergirl of illegal seizure and false imprisonment in the Phantom Zone, since her sentence was up by the time Supergirl projected her back into the Zone. Superman, speaking in her defense, says that there was no criminal intent involved. Shyla's lawyer produces a mento-tape recording, which records memories indelibly while stealing them from the person they come from. The tape comes from Lex Luthor, whose recorded memories show a "Supergirl" (actually Lesla-Lar in disguise) breaking him out of jail and committing an armored car robbery with him. Since Supergirl was having memory gaps at the time, caused by Lesla, she cannot prove she was not a crook, though she knows what happened. The lawyer contends that Supergirl returned Shyla to the Phantom Zone when Shyla discovered Supergirl's "criminal past." Supergirl, surprisingly, pleads no contest to the charges. Telling Superman she knows what she is doing, she allows herself to be sent to the Phantom Zone for a 30-day sentence.


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