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Superman Museum

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Superman Museum
The Superman Hall of Trophies

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The Superman Museum is a building located just outside the neighborhood of Suicide Slum in Metropolis. Founded by explorer Stefan Andriessen, it is filled with various trophies and prop replicas relating to Superman. Items found in the museum include mannequins of Superman and his close allies as well as his most notorious adversaries. It includes prop replicas of the planet Krypton, chunks of Green Kryptonite and facsimiles of the rocket that first brought baby Kal-El to Earth. It was not uncommon for some of Superman's foes to hide out in the museum, masquerading as a mannequin.

Several years ago, members of the criminal organization known as the 100 secretly used the Superman Museum as their base of operations. Black Lightning once fought against his nemesis the Whale at the Superman museum. [1]

Superman, under the effects of hypnosis, once went on a rampage and wreaked havoc at the museum, destroying several display pieces. [2]

The Superman Museum still exists in the 30th Century time period of the Legion of Super-Heroes. [3]


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