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Superman Vol 1 137


Superman Vol 1 137

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"The Super-Brat From Krypton": Years ago when Jor-El shot Kal-El into space to escape the destruction of Krypton, the boys ship collided with a derelict space satellite, activating it's duplication ray, making it make an exact duplicate of the craft and Superbaby inside. As we all now, the true

Appearing in "The Super-Brat From Krypton"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Super-Brat/Super-Bully/Super-Menace (Flashback and main story) (Only appearance; dies)
  • "Wolf" Derek (Flashback and main story) (Only appearance; dies)
  • Bonnie Derek (Only appearance; dies)

Other Characters:


  • Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • Brentstock
  • Brentstock Savings Bank



Synopsis for "The Super-Brat From Krypton"

Years ago when Jor-El shot Kal-El into space to escape the destruction of Krypton, the boys ship collided with a derelict space satellite, activating it's duplication ray, making it make an exact duplicate of the craft and Superbaby inside. As we all now, the true Superbaby was found by Ma and Pa Kent, however the craft carrying the duplicate was found by mobsters "Wolf" Derrek and his wife Bonnie. While the Kents raised Kal-El to be a model law-abiding citizen, when the Derrek's realized that they had a super-powered child in their hands, decided to teach it to become a super criminal. They raise the boy (dubbing him Super-Brat) to hate the law, and become a thief, however Wolf instructs the young boy to avoid being seen until Wolf says it's okay to reveal himself to the public. Super-Brat would spend his baby years helping the Derrek's crush their enemies and gain untold wealth through ill gotten means.

Growing up to a teenager, the adolescent Super-Bully would continue to honor Wolf Derrek's orders, however he would secretly cause disasters to make his hated duplicate, Superboy go into action and clean it up. He would continue to help the Derrek's and other criminals secretly. During this time, a Kryptonite meteor crashes near the Derrek home, and all are pleasantly shocked to find that Kryptonite has no effect on the Super-Bully. The boy would spend the convening years dreaming of growing up to become Super-Menace and finally get to destroy Superman. Later, learning Superboy's secret identity, he would try to spoil it by making him accidentally crush a diamond in his hand in class. However, Superboy would quickly reassemble it. Jealous that Superboy has a girlfriend like Lana Lang, Super-Bully disguises himself as Clark Kent when Superboy goes off on a mission to get a date with her. When she tries to expose "Clark" as Superboy with a chunk of Kryptonite, it has no effect on Super-Bully, who leaves because he doesn't like "tricky girls." Later still, while spying Superboy's returning to his civilian identity and spotting Krypto, Super-Bully is determined to steal the dog for his own. He tries to do this by posing as Superboy, however Krypto picks up on the deception and chases Super-Bully away.

Years later, now a full grown man and calling himself Super-Menace, the duplicate of Superman has grown to become bitter and jealous of Superman's celebrity, and having loving parents, while he had to remain in the shadows and was considered a freak by his adoptive parents. After trashing the Superman Museum, Wolf finally allows Super-Menace to attack Superman, which the angry Super-Menace enjoys to finally get the opportunity to destroy his hated double. During the fight, Superman uses his x-ray vision and learns that Super-Menace is comprised of a strange energy force, and isn't even Kryptonian. Hating Superman even more for having a real body, the Super-Menace tries to destroy Superman by causing a Uranium explosion, but it has no effect. Super-Menace finally gets the upper hand when he sucks down a bunch of Kryptonite meteors down. Watching Superman die, the Super-Menace begins to realize that killing Superman would not bring him joy and would not have given him the things he desired: love, recognition and respect, and so at the last minute he saves Superman's life. Returning to the Derrek home, Super-Menace renounces his evil ways, and before Superman can stop him, he changes his body back into it's energy form, killing both of the Derrek's and himself in the process.


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