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Quote1 I believe you're looking for me, buddy! Superman's the name! Quote2
-- Superman

Appearing in "The School For Superman Assassins!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Zunial (aka Murder Man) (Single appearance)
  • Kangor (aka Kill Kid) (Single appearance)
  • Galaxy Crimeteers (Oral named) (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Superman Android (Single appearance)
  • Unnamed Actor
  • Peace Vigilantes
  • Various Citizens of Zarria
  • Lois Lane (Cameo)



  • Kryptonite Death-Beam
  • Kryptonite Broadcaster
  • Peace Vigilante Steel Suits
  • Glass Coffin
  • "History-Killing" Satellite
  • Scan-Ray Satellite
  • Historical Microfilm
  • Sky-Projector
  • Vote Meter


  • Zunial's Space Transport
  • Zunial's Jet-Pack
  • Car turned into an Electron Bomb
  • NASA Space Capsule
  • Ramrod Beast

Synopsis for "The School For Superman Assassins!"

Members of the Galaxy Crimeteers train themselves as assassins by practicing on a Superman android. When Zunial succeeds in killing the android, he is given the opportunity to kill the real Superman. The assassin arrives on Earth and apparently kills Superman using Kryptonite radio waves. Zunial brings the Man of Steel's lifeless body back to Zarria where the other criminals celebrate his victory. The Peace Vigilantes of Zarria raid the headquarters of the Crimeteers. In the process they reactivate the Superman-android. Since the android is programmed to act like Superman, it revives the real Man of Steel, sacrificing itself in the process. Superman then tries to thwart Zunial's destruction of all written records on Zarria. While he fails to stop the destruction of the microfilm on which the records exist, he memorizes them at super speed and is able to reconstruct the data.


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