"The Absolute Power-Play of the Parasite!": Superman and Solomon Grundy continue their fight in the streets of Metropolis. Grundy kicks Superman down, and begins choking him with his cape. Parasite watches t

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  • Power Prism
  • Laser Defense System


Synopsis for "The Absolute Power-Play of the Parasite!"

Superman and Solomon Grundy continue their fight in the streets of Metropolis. Grundy kicks Superman down, and begins choking him with his cape. Parasite watches the battle through a pair of binoculars from a nearby rooftop, reveling in the Man of Tomorrow's destruction. Superman uses his super-breath and blows Grundy off of him, and Grundy flies backward, still holding the Man of steel's cape. Superman then begins spinning around with super-speed, and burrows into the ground. This makes Grundy spin through the air in large circles, and when Superman stops, Grundy suddenly snaps back towards Superman, who punches him into the air. From the rooftop, Parasite sees this, and realizes that he has to find out where he made his mistake, having previously though that the new Grundy would be able to overpower the Man of Steel. Grundy flies through the air, and gets stuck between two tram cars.

Superman comes to the realization that Grundy has been trying to get his cape through the whole fight, and though he doesn't know why, he uses this to his advantage. He speeds away, and comes back with a spare cape from his closet at home, and he ties Grundy up in it. Parasite meanwhile, realizes why his Power Prism didn't work as planned on Grundy; Since Grundy isn't actually alive, it didn't fully increase his strength as much as it would on a living being. Parasite decides that he can use it on Superman, hopefully with different results.

At the Daily Planet, Lois Lane wakes up, having fell asleep at her desk. Perry White fixes her a cup of coffee and tells her that she needs to go home and get some rest, since she's been working herself really hard lately, taking a particular interest in stories involving WGBS News, whom she still has a vendetta against since Lana Lang humiliated her there yesterday, and Clark, who also works there, has been snubbing her lately. Lois and Perry begin discussing her relationships with Clark and Superman, when the teletype goes off, and they get a note about Superman battling a giant mechanical octopus at Mooney's Island. Superman almost stops the contraption, but it fires three harpoons into his cape, pinning him to the wall of the lighthouse. Superman spins and flings the harpoons off of him, but they fly straight into a helicopter, in which Lois Lane sits, since she came to cover the story. Superman saves her, and rounds up the thugs inside of the octopus.

Superman goes into the military base that the octopus was 'attacking', and finds a tracking device and satellite control, and plans for laser warfare that will protect the country. Furious that he wasn't told about this, Superman angrily punches one of the computes, instantly destroying it. At Hansen's Gym, the Parasite works out on a punching bag, knowing full-well what kind of trouble Superman is in, and knowing that this will only further his plan to steal the laser defense system that the government built. Parasite thinks about how Superman can so easily be pushed over the edge, and about how he'll kill himself one he goes berserk. Back at the base, three soldiers come in, and arrest Superman for trespassing into a restricted area, and for destruction of government property.


Continuity Notes

  • The Solomon Grundy shown here is native to Earth-One continuity, and should not be confused with the Solomon Grundy of Earth-Two. The Earth-One Grundy first appeared in Superman #319, where his origin was explained. He was created by the Parasite from protoplasm from the Earth-Two Grundy's body.


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