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Appearing in "The Revengers Strike Back!"

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Synopsis for "The Revengers Strike Back!"

Batman and Green Lantern impersonate Clark Kent in relays to cover for his absence, and Supergirl acts as coordinator. But one of their conversations is overheard by a Superman Revenge Squad spy, who clues in his fellows that "Vlatuu" is actually Superman in disguise. Fwom believes this, but Dramx-One, the acting leader of the Squad, disputes it, thinking Superman would never be stupid enough to attack them on their home ground. When "Vlatuu" destroys the Superman proto-droid in battle, both Fwom and Dramx-One decide to send him to Earth to assassinate Superman. If, as they suspect, Superman has hypnotized himself into thinking he is really "Vlatuu", then Superman will become his own assassin.

Appearing in "And Not A Drop To Drink"

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Synopsis for "And Not A Drop To Drink"

In order to get Morgan Edge to stop wasting water, Superman tells him the story of two Kryptonian ecologists and how they got a remote tribe to change their water-using habits so that all could survive.



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