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Superman Vol 1 652


Superman Vol 1 652

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"Up, Up, and Away! (Part V of VIII) - Speeding Bullet": Superman's powers are slowly returning, but he hasn't mastered all of them yet. He attempts to leap over a tall building, but doesn't quite make it in a single bound. He goes back inside his apartment to contemplate t

Quote1 He wouldn't dare die on me, Toyman. He wouldn't dare. Quote2
-- Lex Luthor

Appearing in "Up, Up, and Away! (Part V of VIII) - Speeding Bullet"

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Synopsis for "Up, Up, and Away! (Part V of VIII) - Speeding Bullet"

Superman's powers are slowly returning, but he hasn't mastered all of them yet. He attempts to leap over a tall building, but doesn't quite make it in a single bound. He goes back inside his apartment to contemplate the issue. Lois walks out of her room and sees Clark resting his hand on a hot stove burner. Lost in thought, he is oblivious to his actions, and it becomes obvious to her that his powers are coming back. Lois goes to the closet and pulls out a Superman costume and says, "Go get 'em". Donning his costume for the first time in a year, Superman leaps out the apartment window. While he goes, Lois explains that, while she liked having him to herself for a year, she is behind him all the way.

Meanwhile, the Puzzler attacks the offices of the Daily Planet looking for Clark Kent. Intergang is not satisfied with Neutron and Radion's work, so they hired several more super-powered goons to finish Kent off. Superman appears outside the window and baits the Puzzler into attacking him. He carries the fight down onto the street, and manages to ensnare all of her puzzle pieces in his cape.

Lex Luthor hears the news of Superman's return and speeds up his work in a fury.

After leaving the Puzzler with the SCU, Superman begins flying across the Central Business District. Several more Intergang mercenaries attack him including, Bloodsport, Livewire, Riot, Silver Banshee and the Hellgrammite. Superman flings Hellgrammite out of his way, and elbows the Silver Banshee in the larynx, incapacitating her. He grabs Livewire and dunks her into a waterfall, shorting her out. Bloodsport meanwhile, decides to focus his attention on Jimmy Olsen and fires a shot at him. The imminent danger to Olsen's life is momentary however as Superman proves once again that he truly is faster than a speeding bullet.


  • Lex Luthor, the Toyman and the Kryptonite Man only make brief appearances in this issue, as Lex continues to search for the ancient Kryptonian warship.


  • No trivia.

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