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Superman Vol 1 654


Superman Vol 1 654

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"On Our Special Day": Lois wakes up and realizes that Clark has already left. However, a special breakfast buffet has been set out in honor of Lois and Clark’s "special day". She hears a radio report concerning Neutron tearing up the Central Busin

Quote1 ...And the Prankster's still in town, and they've apparently hired him to distract me, to cover some of their activities. And I'm on a deadline. And I missed lunch. Mondays. Quote2
-- Superman

Appearing in "On Our Special Day"

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  • Catastrosphere (First appearance)


Synopsis for "On Our Special Day"

Lois wakes up and realizes that Clark has already left. However, a special breakfast buffet has been set out in honor of Lois and Clark’s "special day". She hears a radio report concerning Neutron tearing up the Central Business District and figures out why Clark is not at home.

At Metro Square, Superman hashes it out with Neutron. Neutron's energy containment suit ruptures and he prepares to explode. Fortunately, the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit arrives with their new Technology Squad division nicknamed the Science Police. They deploy a device that keeps Neutron from turning Metropolis into a crater.

Later, Clark Kent returns to the Daily Planet. Perry gives him grief for being late and tells him that a woman named Dr. Carolyn Llewellyn has personally asked the Daily Planet to send Clark to cover a secret project that she is working on in Kazakhstan. Clark knows Carolyn during his world traveling days before he came to work at the Daily Planet. Lois experiences a minute sensation of jealousy, but ignores it.

Perry is still furious with Clark for his recent absenteeism and gives him a laundry list of low-grade stories that he needs to cover by the following morning. Clark attempts to complete the assignments, but invariably his duties as Superman always distract. Further, he has yet to set aside time with Lois to celebrate their "special day".

The most bizarre foe that he faces is the former leader of Intergang, Bruno Mannheim. Mannheim's height and build have been elevated to giant proportions due to a device called a Catastrosphere. Superman easily defeats Mannheim, but Bruno manages to teleport to safety. Superman is concerned because it appears that someone other than Darkseid is providing Mannheim with power this time.

Finally, he gets to go home to be with Lois. Lois is waiting for him wearing slinky lingerie. She tells him that she wrote up all of his assignments for Perry, so the two can now spend the rest of the night off. Lois and Clark’s "special day" is a celebration of the first time that Lois met Clark as Superman.

Meanwhile in Kazakhstan, Dr. Carolyn Llewellyn meets with a soldier named Colonel Sorokin. They are concerned over a top-secret project called Subjekt-17.


  • Earliest chronological appearance of the Science Police. Presumably this hi-tech unit of the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit is a precursor to the science based law-enforcement personnel that are active in the 31st century.


  • A poster for the movie Superman Returns can be seen on a billboard on page two.
  • This issue incldues a three-page fold-out Heroscape centerfold.

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