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Superman Vol 1 657


Superman Vol 1 657

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"Camelot Falls": In the future, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen are looking for medicines in the ruins of Metropolis. Some disaster struck New Troy Island - now one end is submerged but the rest is suspended above the water...

Quote1 It's too late to stop it all, but it might be ameliorated, might be eased -- if you clotpolls will only listen! Quote2
-- Arion

Appearing in "Camelot Falls"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Villains: Visions of the Future

Other Characters: Visions of the future




Synopsis for "Camelot Falls"

In the future, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen are looking for medicines in the ruins of Metropolis. Some disaster struck New Troy Island - now one end is submerged but the rest is suspended above the water...

In the present, Arion appears before Superman and his friends, and gives them a vision of a dark future yet to come. Despite the best efforts of Earth's super-heroes, darkness and danger always returns... and each time, returns stronger. Some time soon, Earth's villains will unite, pushed by some great darkness, and defeat the heroes. While this is going on, another threat will rise... Khyber.

Knyber is the immortal head of the Hashishim, the elite assassins who threatened the rulers of the ancient Middle East. Soon, he will rise, and begin making alliances with super-villains. Under his guidance, they will rise to destroy the world. The heroes will not know who is responsible until he is too powerful. And when Superman tries to defeat him personally, he will use his advanced technology to throw him at the Earth hard enough to cause a nuclear winter. It will be known as the Pulse. The resulting electromagnetic shockwave will short electronics worldwide. Billions will die worldwide. Villains will rise to dominance in the aftermath. And in Metropolis, the role of hero will fall to one man... Lex Luthor.

In the future, Lois Lane is keeping a diary. Despite the permanent clouds blotting out the sun, and the loss of electronics, she believes it is some time in 2014. Working with Jim Olsen, she is trying to get medicine out of Metropolis - until she is attacked by Khyber's Ghostwolf minions. She is saved by Sirocco, a mysterious speedster, and Lex Luthor and Parasite. Parasite absorbed the powers of Superman many years ago, and longs for Lois to call him "Clark". Safe, the group makes its way to Fortress Luthor, upstate from Metropolis. There, they pass out what they found, but are shocked to discover that Khyber's forces have found them, and are here to destroy them. The various surviving heroes within the stronghold are ready to fight, as well as the various anti-superhuman weapons that Luthor is so famous for. But in the end, things look grim... until a nearby volcano erupts, spewing forth a rocky Superman!

In the present, Arion's storytelling is interrupted by Jimmy Olsen, who believes that the story will pick up here. However, Arion corrects him - it only gets worse...



  • The villain known as Mad-Eye, who appears here, seems to be a new version of Mister Twister. His connection to Twister, if any, has not yet been revealed.

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