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Superman Vol 1 658


Superman Vol 1 658

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"The Last Tomorrow": In the year 2014, the remaining heroes fight against Khyber's forces. Jimmy and Luthor suit up and join the Parasite in the battle. On the way out, Parasite asks Lois to call him Clark, but she refuses again.

Appearing in "The Last Tomorrow"

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Villains: Visions of the Future

Other Characters: Visions of the future




Synopsis for "The Last Tomorrow"

In the year 2014, the remaining heroes fight against Khyber's forces. Jimmy and Luthor suit up and join the Parasite in the battle. On the way out, Parasite asks Lois to call him Clark, but she refuses again. Watching the view screen, Lois sees Parasite begin to lose his power before falling to one of Khyber's soldiers. Lois' tearfully says goodbye to Clark. Luthor's defenses begin to push back the invaders, when Khyber suddenly appears. Luthor starts to attack him, when Superman reappears.

Superman grabs Khyber and forces him above the clouds and into the sunlight. He tells the villain that he spent years trapped at the Earth's core before he could absorb enough energy to break free. They battle in the sky and Superman gets the upper hand. When he is about to deliver the killing blow he hesitates, and Khyber takes advantage to finish the Man of Steel.

Suddenly Sirocco flies up and impales Khyber. Below, Khyber's forces all drop dead. They thought it would finally be over, but the fighting continues. Three years later Lex dies in battle. They bury him next to Superman.

Years later the survivors live off Luthor's stockpiles, but gradually their numbers dwindle after Wonder Woman leads a group South to try & find civilization & Wally West (The Flash) dies after having a damaged metabolisom. In 2045 Lois dies and Jimmy buries her next to Clark. Eleven years later, Jimmy writes his final journal entry, having not seen another human since Lois died. It is unknown what happens to Jimmy afterward this point.

In the present, Arion explains to Superman that civilizations need to rise and fall, and the longer he delays the fall, the worse it will eventually be. In order for mankind to survive, Superman must let civilization be destroyed.


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