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Superman Vol 1 662


Superman Vol 1 662

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"The Weight of the World": Subjekt-17 wanders Tibet, disguising himself from the local populace. He listens to the thoughts around him and even there they know of Superman.

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Synopsis for "The Weight of the World"

Subjekt-17 wanders Tibet, disguising himself from the local populace. He listens to the thoughts around him and even there they know of Superman. In his Fortress, Superman examines Power Girl with one of the Auctioneer's scanners. She reads as a non-Kryptonian, and Superman is no closer to figuring out who the third Kryptonian on the planet is. He briefly considers Krypto, but even if the dog counts, he hasn't seen him in over a year.

Superman thinks of the dangers he's been facing, but eventually begins to worry about the future that Arion showed to him. Clark debated whether Superman might actually be a danger with Jimmy and Perry, and while Jimmy couldn't believe it Perry conceded that Superman might be doing too much for humanity.

Superman stops by the Daily Planet to help repair the globe that was damaged in the fight with Bizarro, before heading to Zatanna. She checks him for any mystical residue, but gives him a clean report. He asks her about Arion and she tells him what she knows.

Superman heads east to Iran, where he tracks down Sirocco. Superman asks about the source of his powers, but Sirocco lies about his origins. Then he asks about Khyber, and Sirocco tells him that Khyber is dead.

Lois reads Chris a story, but when she looks out the window she calls for Clark. Dozens of flying people are soaring over Metropolis.


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Three Dimwits make an appearance on a children's story book.

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