"The Coming of Atlas (Part II) - Time Lost": Jimmy and Lois race towards the devastation wrought by the Science Police, Superman and Atlas. When Jimmy can't motorcycle any further the duo have to force their way through the crowd of frightened citizens.

Quote1 One lucky punch doesn't mark the end of this. Round one is yours, maybe. This is round two! Quote2
-- Superman

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  • Atlas (Flashback and main story)

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Synopsis for "The Coming of Atlas (Part II) - Time Lost"

Jimmy and Lois race towards the devastation wrought by the Science Police, Superman and Atlas. When Jimmy can't motorcycle any further the duo have to force their way through the crowd of frightened citizens. Jimmy's mind wanders, he started his morning like any other, but how did Superman begin his and get to this point? Lois of course knows exactly how... with a tiff. After Chris was taken from them, Clark had begun to focus more on his family. To that end Clark revealed to Lois he'd been quietly training Krypto and that the hound of steel was now their pet. Lois was stubborn and stoney faced. Clark tried to reason with his wife but in the end he decided to avoid a fight, taking Krypto for a play in space to introduce him to Hal Jordan. Lois shakes off her daydream and regrets being nasty to Clark, her mind wandering back to the arrival of Doomsday and the loss suffered.

Superman and Atlas are evenly matched in strength, fighting toe to toe achieves little more than more structural damage. What they don't notice are mini hover cams transmitting their every move back to the Science Police headquarters.

'The Lady' boss of the police instructs the remainder of the conscious team members to intervene and kick the crap out of Atlas. Noted, they collide with him which triggers a memory recall in the leather faced interloper.

Back in the days of Kirbyeque legend Atlas remembers a battle against the Lizard Kingdom. Ruling the world with his 'might is right' attitude. His friend Chagra hands him a magic crystal to imbue Atlas with magic power but it backfires and Atlas is swallowed in time.

Atlas a phantom in time is able to see the world pass in time, and the overload of knowledge sends him into a coma. Until the modern age when he wakes to find himself captured in a government facility. For whatever reason he allows the human captors to instruct him with a mission, defeat Superman and bring him in. Atlas points out he doesn't 'defeat' he kills.

He also enquires how he arrived here in present day. The man, decorated in a general's colors reveals, something Ray Palmer had done traveling through time and space had enabled them to find him and pull him through the continuum, but it was almost like magic.

Atlas remembers his Kirbyesque days again but this time from the point of view of his friend, Chagra. Chagra had seen with the death and destruction, with each battle, pieces of good within Atlas began to die with his enemies. Chagra proved duplicitous, for when instructed by Atlas to enchant a crystal with power to make him greater, Chagra instead asked the Three Who Are One to make him go far away from them.

When Atlas invoked the energies it sucked him into the continuum and peace returned...

Flashing forward, Superman hightails it into the sky, leaving the citizens to think he had turned chicken! Jimmy, snapping away on his camera spots one of the hover cams but before he can tell Lois, Superman returns - in force!

In astounding speed Superman flies, fist clenched right at the angry Atlas.


  • Atlas, as seen in this story-arc, is the character created by Jack Kirby who first appeared in 1st Issue Special #1. He hails from an alternate reality and is not to be confused with the Greek hero of the same name who bestows great stamina to Captain Marvel.


  • Flashback sequences from this issue are patterned after the style of Jack Kirby.

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