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"The Tourist": Morgan Edge has a news program, which he is using to bash Mon-El's reputation. He compares him to the Kryptonian militants who live in Kandor. This is ignored by Mon-El himself, who has decided to go on a round-the-world trip.

Appearing in "The Tourist"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Ivana (First appearance)


Other Characters:


  • Cathedral of St. Basil



Synopsis for "The Tourist"

Morgan Edge has a news program, which he is using to bash Mon-El's reputation. He compares him to the Kryptonian militants who live in Kandor. This is ignored by Mon-El himself, who has decided to go on a round-the-world trip.

Guardian is saying farewell to Tellus, who must leave but will tell him nothing. Guardian wants to ask what he means, but does not out of respect. Reciprocating that respect, Tellus places a hand on his forehead, telling him that this will pay off later, when he faces his greatest opponenet.

At Project 7734, General Sam Lane is discussing the terms of his contract with the Prankster. Something is being planned.

At Steelworks Doctor Irons is giving a tour to Tom, an old friend of his who fell off the radar until recently.

Mon-El begins his trip. He visits Moscow, where he admires the city's architecture and helps the Rocket Reds fight a force of exo-suited Georgian terrorists. In London, he helps the duo known as "Class War" - Beaumont and Sunny Jim - and face the mutant known as Big Don Drummond. In Barcelona, he admires the architecture of Gaudi and helps a shadowy femme fatale take down some enhanced Basque seperatists. In Germany, he teams up with the private detective von Hammer on a thrilling case involving the disposition of the will of a millionaire albino midget. He travels to Japan to admire Shinto temples, and helps Doctor Light and Rising Sun fight a villainous giant robot. In the African veldt, he helps Congorilla and Freedom Beast stop poachers while admiring the scenery. In Mexico City, he teams up with Iman to stop a bunch of aliens masquerading as Chupacabrae. In the Louisiana bayous, his search for good food leads to a team-up with King Billy against the latest Blockbuster.

All of this to distract him from his return to Metropolis, where he must confront the fact that he is dying of lead poisoning.

Guardian makes a guest appearance on Morgan Edge's show, to point out that his arguments are fallacious, and that Mon-El has spent all day helping people all over the world. Edge backs down.

At Steelworks, Tom, reveals that he is not who he is claiming to be - he is in fact Atlas, an agent of 7734!


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