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"Last Stand of New Krypton Part Three: Destiny": Brainiac's ship lingers above New Krypton as his probes fight residents. General Zod learns 1/10th of the Kryptonians have died, and that Superman is on Brainiac's shi

Quote1 When I see villainy and horror unfolding here, Earth, anywhere... I've long stopped being surprised to find you or your hand at the heart of it, Luthor. Quote2
-- Superman

Appearing in "Last Stand of New Krypton Part Three: Destiny"

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Synopsis for "Last Stand of New Krypton Part Three: Destiny"

Brainiac's ship lingers above New Krypton as his probes fight residents. General Zod learns 1/10th of the Kryptonians have died, and that Superman is on Brainiac's ship held captive.

Lex Luthor mocks Superman without revealing his intentions, and Brainiac tells Superman he wants him to watch as Kandor is destroyed, to feel it, because Superman made Brainiac feel. In that moment, one of Brainiac's machines nears Superman.

Tellus leads Mon-El to the ship, but once inside, he is faced with many versions of Koko. Luthor continues to mock Superman, and Brainaic tries to steal his thoughts as he experiences what is happening and learn his secrets. As Mon-El fights the Koko army, he is contacted by a telepathic bottle city race, who ask him to save them.

Mustering his will, Superman breaks free from the thought-stealing machine but Luthor threatens to shoot one of the bottle cities if Superman does not stand down. Mon-El appears, blasting Luthor's hand with heat vision and disarming him. Mon-El takes the bottle city Luthor threatened, and has a sudden feeling this is what he was released to do.

Brainiac calls down more drones, distracting Superman and Mon-El long enough for Luthor to escape down a hatch.


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The Ulla, the Laroo, the Trago, and the Raagin are the alien races that make-up Ultra, The Multi Alien.

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