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"Grounded Finale": Superman arrives at Seattle and saves Lois from Jennings. He takes her to Redmond to keep her safe and the two promise to talk after the ordeal with Jennings is over. Superman fights Jennings

Quote1 Those of you in the Fortress of Solidarity, if you're listening... I know the answer to the question now. Must there be a Superman? Yes. Quote2
-- Superman

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Synopsis for "Grounded Finale"

Superman arrives at Seattle and saves Lois from Jennings. He takes her to Redmond to keep her safe and the two promise to talk after the ordeal with Jennings is over. Superman fights Jennings across Seattle and asks her about her intentions. Jennings replies that she wants to make Superman suffer. To prevent their fight from causing destruction Superman activates the Lightning Door, an inter-dimensional portal that takes Superman and Jennings to the Still Zone.

There, Superman asks about Jennings why has she being following him through his journey. Jennings shows him the Sunstone her students found, saying that when Superman passed by the school she worked at, the Sunstone filled her with all of Superman's feelings of sadness and doubt. This established a mental link between her and Superman, effectively transforming Jennings into the living embodiment of his depression. The Sunstone not only gave her Kryptonian powers, but it also gave Jennings the power to alter Superman's dreams and affect the things he saw and heard.

Superman, feeling sorry for her, says that he will not let the destruction of New Krypton claim another victim. Jennings says that the Sunstone, being Kryptonian, cannot be destroyed. However, Superman says that his journey finally reminded him of why he became Superman in the first place. He touches the Sunstone and begins to fill it with his feelings of hope, destroying the Sunstone and rendering Jennings unconscious. Superman takes her out of the Still Zone and returns to normal space and time.

After delivering Jennings to a hospital, Superman returns to Lois and apologizes for making her cancel the article about the factory, but Lois replies that she wrote it anyway. With their love rekindled, the two kiss and return home.

Later, Superman gives signal watches to Super-Chief, Steel, "Iron" Munro, Livewire, Superboy and Supergirl, forming the Supermen of America. The Sunstone shards returned to normal space and time, falling in several places across history. The shards infused several individuals with Superman's powers and ideals, becoming heroes. The female member reveals that she is Lisa Jennings, inspired by Superman.


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