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"Earth's Final Hour": Soaring through the air, Superman summarizes the past events for Professor Hamilton.

Appearing in "Earth's Final Hour"

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Synopsis for "Earth's Final Hour"

Soaring through the air, Superman summarizes the past events for Professor Hamilton.

Long, strange cylinders have buried themselves into locations around the world, as Superman attempts to make sense of this invasion. Breaking off his conversation with Hamilton, Superman springs into action, as the mysterious missiles plant themselves around him on Mount Rushmore. Crashing into a few of them, he helps to destroy a minuscule amount of the invading cylinders, but looking around, realizes that he has ultimately failed. As Superman surveys his work, Hamilton urges him to make his way back to Metropolis, where more of the cylinders are appearing.

Arriving in Metropolis, Superman is just about to get the scoop from Hamilton as to what is going on, when a giant tanker truck flies up into the air and smashes into him. The explosion destroys the headset Superman wears as the Man of Steel looks around for the attacker that has thrown the vehicle at him. Suddenly hit from behind, Superman plunges downwards and turns around, only to encounter Vartox (New Earth)


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