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Superman Vol 2 173


Superman Vol 2 173

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"The Red Badge of Courage": Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern demand to be told how to end the conflict with Imperiex. According to the president's scientific and military

Quote1 You want to know what a "Red Badge of Courage" really is? It's a stain that every soldier gets on himself from every battle that won't come off. Believe you me... I'd trade anything to be forgotten in exchange for my forgetting what they want to remember me for. Quote2
-- General Frank Rock

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Synopsis for "The Red Badge of Courage"

Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern demand to be told how to end the conflict with Imperiex. According to the president's scientific and military advisors, now that his ship has been destroyed and his probes largely crippled, Imperiex himself is making his way to Earth to end what his probes began. The only chance Earth has is for Imperiex's armor to be cracked open and the energy that he is composed of to be returned to the galaxies it came from by way of a boom tube. And the only way for this to happen is for Superman to gain an extra boost to his power by 'absorbing' Strange Visitor.

Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Frank Rock and the Blackhawks head into space to join the forces of the alien alliance. Out in space as they prepare to act, Superman tells Strange Visitor that he'd like to train her further, but to his surprise, she says that won't be possible, she won't be coming back from this, discharging her self into Superman's body. As she does so, the voice of Kismet, a powerful feminine persona speaks, saying it inhabited the dying body of Sharon Vance, who then became Strange Visitor.

Superman is now the ultimate matter-energy combination. While his varied allies distract the behemoth, Superman flies directly at his chest, piercing the armor and releasing a massive amount of energy. This energy is then absorbed by Warworld which finally reveals its existence to the world. Brainiac 13, at the helm of Warworld, activates a device in Lexcorp towers which fires an immense burst of energy at Apokolips. Darkseid, of course, thinks that Earth has fired on him, and will retaliate in kind. The alliance is over.


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