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Superman Vol 2 175


Superman Vol 2 175

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"Doomsday Rex": On the anniversary of Superman's death at the hands of Doomsday, the Joker unleashes Doomsday upon Washington, D.C. during one of President Luthor's speeches commemora

Quote1 We're going to finish this. Once and for all. You're different now. You can think for yourself. So think about this. Before, you were a mindless thing. Nothing could hurt you. You couldn't feel pain. Much less understand it. But, once you have felt it -- it changes you forever. And you'll begin to understand something new. Fear. I've lived with it all my life. You don't want to die again, do you? The agony of what's happened to you affects your speed -- your strength -- and that little bit of doubt -- that you cannot win today -- grows. You understand now, don't you? You will never hurt me again. You will never kill me again. NEVER AGAIN! Quote2
-- Superman

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Synopsis for "Doomsday Rex"

On the anniversary of Superman's death at the hands of Doomsday, the Joker unleashes Doomsday upon Washington, D.C. during one of President Luthor's speeches commemorating the recent interplanetary War. Superman fights Doomsday, but quickly realizes that something is different. Doomsday is smarter, and capable of speech. Rather than viewing this as a disadvantage, Superman lectures Doomsday on the the subject of fear, and using his newfound psychological advantage, beats Doomsday unconscious. Doomsday is taken off by the D.E.O., still technically government property. Later, at a clandestine government installation, Lex Luthor hands Doomsday over to Darkseid, repaying him for debts accumulated in wartime.


  • This book was first published on October 10, 2001.
  • Superman navigation number 2001/46.


  • This issue is exactly 100 issues after the original Death of Superman in Superman (Volume 2) #75. As Superman fights Doomsday, page by page, with precision, the amount of panels decreases, ending in one large splash page, and a two-page spread. This is an homage to the books published shortly before Superman's original death, which steadily and consistently decreased the amount of panels per page until they were left with an entire book using only single-panel pages.

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