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Superman Vol 2 226


Superman Vol 2 226

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"This is Your Life, Part I of III": Superman of New Earth fights with the Superman of Earth-Two in the skies of Metropolis above the Daily Star on Earth-Two. With each crushing blow, each man lives the life of the other.

Quote1 Another skirmish in the never-ending battle... another war... another crisis... but so different. So important. If I lose, everything dies. Quote2
-- Superman (New Earth)

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Synopsis for "This is Your Life, Part I of III"

Superman of New Earth fights with the Superman of Earth-Two in the skies of Metropolis above the Daily Star on Earth-Two. With each crushing blow, each man lives the life of the other.

Kal-El sees the events of World War II through Kal-L's eyes, and decides to act. He vows to end the war, and heads off to confront Hitler, only to be stopped by the Spear of Destiny. Later, we see him standing in front of a concentration camp, vowing that this will never happen again. Later, we see Kal-El on a date with the Lois Lane of Earth Two, where he says "This is not my life, but if she's here, I can make it mine." Kal-El notes that on Earth-Two, everything is simple. After Lois informs him that the JSA is on the stand in front of H.U.A.C., he confronts them and reveals his identity.

Meanwhile, on New Earth, Lois Lane stands on the roof of the Daily Planet building. She can see the corona of Earth-Two high in the sky. She whispers words of guidance for Superman, knowing that he cannot hear her. Finally she says, "I love you", as we see different versions of Lois that existed throughout the Multiverse.


  • This book was first published on February 8, 2006.
  • This is the final issue of the series. Adventures of Superman reverts to its original title of Superman with issue 650.
  • Superman appears next in Action Comics #836.
  • Superman (Earth-Two) revealing his secret identity before the House of Un-American Activities Committee is part of Superman (New Earth)'s re-imagining of his counterpart's history. In the original Paul Levitz treatment in Adventure Comics #466, Superman was never present at the HUAC meetings.
  • The headstone of the Golden Age Superman's mother reads Martha Kent, when it should read Mary Kent.
  • The caption at the top of page 10 states that Earth-Two rotates in a clockwise direction so that the sun rises in the west. This appears to be an error, since Earth-One and Earth-Two have, in past depictions, had identical solar systems. (On the other hand, Earth-Three and the Earth in the Antimatter Universe were mirror-images of the regular Earth in many ways.)


  • The cover for this issue was deliberately designed to appear worn and well-read, as if it were an actual comic book from the Golden Age.
  • This issue contains special Lois Lane photo excerpts courtesy of Jeph Loeb, Tim Sale, Dave Stewart and Comicraft.
  • Many of the Lois Lane photograph features in this issue reflect events first chronicled in Action Comics #1.

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