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Superman Vol 2 65


Superman Vol 2 65

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"Panic in the Sky!: Second Strike - Head Man": Superman assembles an army to fight the oncoming invasion of Warworld after Orion and Lightray try to take it on themselves.

Appearing in "Panic in the Sky!: Second Strike - Head Man"

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Synopsis for "Panic in the Sky!: Second Strike - Head Man"

Superman assembles an army to fight the oncoming invasion of Warworld after Orion and Lightray try to take it on themselves.


  • Superman navigation number 1992/10.


  • Deathstroke is busy lamenting the death of Jericho, thus putting this story just after Titans Hunt

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Panic in the Sky TP
Panic in the Sky!

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This comic issue is a part of the "Panic in the Sky!" storyline that ran through alternating Superman titles in 1992. "Panic in the Sky!" involved the return of Brainiac who seized control of Warworld and used it to take punitive action against the planet Earth.

Superman: Man of Steel #9
1992 Navigation
Adventures of Superman #488

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