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Superman Vol 2 83


Superman Vol 2 83

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"On the Edge": In Gotham City, Superman awaits for Batman to arrive so as they can go to clean up the remains of Engine City. Batman simply blows off Superman. Team Luthor is also on its way to Engine City to observe its alien technology. Actually, Luthor just wants to figure out where to find o

Quote1 Let this spire, built from the very engine that once stood here, serve as a tribute to their memory--and as a reminder to us that our kind shall always be needed. I swear, as long as I'm alive, there will be no more Coast Cities! Quote2
-- Superman

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Synopsis for "On the Edge"

In Gotham City, Superman awaits for Batman to arrive so as they can go to clean up the remains of Engine City. Batman simply blows off Superman. Team Luthor is also on its way to Engine City to observe its alien technology. Actually, Luthor just wants to figure out where to find or how to make kryptonite; information in the engine's computer.

In Metropolis, Lois and Jimmy are talking about Morgan Edge's scandalous new book, while Vincent Edge gives Cat Grant a lecture on morality for her actions when it came to his son. Superman flies out west and along the way gives a bouquet of flowers to his mother, who is giving Jonathan a lecture on good dieting.

Luthor arrives at Engine City only to see that the Justice League has already beaten him there. Luthor states his reasons for saving Engine City, for its technology and because it's properties could be toxic to the ocean life, but Hal Jordan doesn't want hear it. Aquaman arrives and agrees he doesn't want it dump in the ocean. While the heroes argue, Luthor slips inside the city. Suddenly parts of the dead city start to explode. Superman, with his x-ray vision sees a handful of remaing warworlders blowing apart what's left of the city, making it fall like a house of cards. Unable to keep it from falling in the ocean, the ring-bearing heroes detoxify the parts of the city, while the others get the remaining aliens out. Luthor is still inside almost in possession of a formula for kryptonite when Supergirl takes him out of the crumbling city. Before they leave, Superman builds a memorial spire as a reminder for heroes of the tragedy of Coast City.

The next morning in Metropolis, Clark asks Jimmy if the offer to room with him is still open. Jimmy is thrilled to have Clark as his roommate that he cranks some Van Halen to celebrate.



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Superman: Man of Steel #27
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Adventures of Superman #506

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