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"Dark Retribution": Cat Grant sits in her apartment reading a news article of how Superman has caught the Toyman. She wishes he had killed him instead. She take a gun and heads out.

Appearing in "Dark Retribution"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Toyman (Flashback and main story)

Other Characters:

  • Strazewski (police officer)
  • Johnson (police officer)




Synopsis for "Dark Retribution"

Cat Grant sits in her apartment reading a news article of how Superman has caught the Toyman. She wishes he had killed him instead. She take a gun and heads out.

(Flashback only) Cat approaches Superman on the street and asks him why he hasn't found her son's murderer yet. He says it was because he was busy with the Bloodthirst incident. She demands angrily that he find him now! He says he will but that she must also get help and not give into hate.

Cat is angry that the Toyman may not serve anytime due to being mentally ill. She swears vengeance!

(Flashback only) Superman arrives at the murder scene along with detective Daniel Turpin. Together they discuss the murder of the four children and how they were all holding a stuffed animal toy that the parents couldn't identify. Also their bodies were dumped at an apartment and likely killed down by the harbor due to salt water being on their clothing.

Cat arrives at the police station. She requests to see the Toyman and uses a smoke bomb to distract the cops from her going around the metal detector, so that she can sneak in her gun.

(Flashback only) The clues point to the Toyman, so Superman heads to the harbour, and uses his X-Ray vision and Super hearing to scan all around. He finds him hiding in a crib in a house. Superman busts through the wall and confronts him. He realizes that the Toyman is seriously disturbed and tries to bring him in peacefully. The Toyman, scared, activates one of his "toys" and they fire real bullets at Superman. Ineffective, he tries to run away, but Superman catches him, but as he does, he explodes! He was a fake!

Cat arrives at the Toyman's jail cell. While she sees a pathetic man, the Toyman derides her for being a bad mother and that he saved her son from her.

(Flashback only) Superman looks for the Toyman, but instead the Toyman sets fire to the building. Using X-Ray vision, Superman finds the Toyman and flies off with him, promising that he will not only face justice but also get the help that he needs.

The Toyman continues to taunt Cat calling her an adulterer and an alcoholic. That her faults made her boy disobedient, and that if only he had obeyed him, then he would be alive. She pulls the gun out of her purse. He begs for his life. She pulls the trigger but...the gun is just a toy.


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Superman: Man of Steel #29: 1994/1
1994 Navigation
Adventures of Superman #508: 1994/3

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