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"To Hel and Back": After a massive monster starts shooting up Metropolis and endangering citizens, Superman can only assume that this is yet another 'call out' - where someone stirs up a ruckus, hoping to draw Superman's attention. Using his X-Ray vision, he determin

Quote1 I wonder what Perry would say if he knew what a conflict of interest reporting on myself is? Not to mention how uncomfortable it makes me writing lionizing pieces about myself. Quote2
-- Clark Kent

Appearing in "To Hel and Back"

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Other Characters:

  • Jamey
  • Jamey's Mother
  • Jerry




Synopsis for "To Hel and Back"

After a massive monster starts shooting up Metropolis and endangering citizens, Superman can only assume that this is yet another 'call out' - where someone stirs up a ruckus, hoping to draw Superman's attention. Using his X-Ray vision, he determines that the attacker is not a living organism, but it is made using technology that he has never seen before. The upside is that he can use the full extent of his power against it. With one heavy punch, he knocks the thing across the city .

The Metropolitans begin massing around him, begging for autographs, photos, and expressing joy or suspicion about his acts. Finally, the mobile stasis unit from S.T.A.R. Labs arrives, and Superman flies off. As he does, he overhears one of the cleanup crew mentioning that the creature is "one of his," leading him to wonder why he was targeted.

In a temple located in the Himalayan mountains, a number of robotic drones just like the one Superman fought in Metropolis begin re-configuring their parameters based on new information about the planet they are on. Given the 97.96% probability that their last encounter was with a Kryptonian, they purge collected data regarding the Kryptonian extinction event. The drone's creator admits that he sensed a Kryptonian as soon as he crash landed on earth. It is his plan to make the Kryptonian serve him - Helspont. With Superman under his thrall, Helspont will be able to exact revenge on those who had imprisoned him.

Back at the Daily Planet, Clark Kent is at work for once. Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen both approach him at the same time with favors to ask. They seem oblivious to each other, and Clark inadvertently agrees to let Jimmy stay at his place while his apartment is fumigated. As Lois asks him to pick up her sister Lucy at the monorail station, Perry White appears and demands that Clark front load his current article with Superman material. When Clark acquiesces to his boss, Lois takes it as assent to her favor, and Clark ends up triple-booked.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, the drone wakes up and begins to revise its directive. Before the attendants can do anything, the drone is gone.

As Clark puts the finishing touches on his article, feeling somewhat awkward about having to lionize his own actions in print, he hears the drone attacking the Daily Planet. Carefully, he sneaks out of sight and changes into his suit, planning to make an entrance. He flies outside, and then crashes back in through the window, smashing the drone back out through another. However, in making contact with the drone, they are both transported away to the Himalayas.

Superman overhears the drone refer to him as a conscript, and realizes that someone went to a lot of trouble to get him there. As he enters the temple, he hears a voice welcome him, promising safe passage. He introduces himself as Helspont, firstborne of the Daemonite overcaste, and is preeminent overlord of the Daemonite horde. Naturally, Superman refuses to serve.

Helspont explains that his Daemonite 'bretheren' were too quick to dismiss the earth, especially given that the planet has a strange propensity for the spontaneous development of the metahuman gene. The 'god veil' is thinner than on any other world, save for a certain two. Despite the fact that the Daemonites were among the first to visit the earth, it is not under their dominion, and Helspont wonders why. Further, he wonders why Superman himself has not bothered to conquer the planet, with all of his power.

Superman mocks Helspont's motivations, and the creature blasts him, explaining that the two of them are kin, of a sort.

Back in Metropolis, Lucy Lane wonders where her ride is.


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