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"Death to the Future": In the present day, Sarah Connor and John Connor, who have been fleeing from time-traveling Terminators for years, come upon the city of Metropolis. Unfortunately, they have no escape from their deadly assassins. A Terminator emerges from a time portal in a toy store, wher

Appearing in "Death to the Future"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • John Connor
  • Sarah Connor
  • Steel


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Death to the Future"

In the present day, Sarah Connor and John Connor, who have been fleeing from time-traveling Terminators for years, come upon the city of Metropolis. Unfortunately, they have no escape from their deadly assassins. A Terminator emerges from a time portal in a toy store, where the Connors are, and attacks them on sight. The Connors run inside a camping store, the Terminator coming after them, stopping anyone in his path. Behind the shop counter, Sarah Connor loads up a flare gun and fires at the Terminator in the stomach, which he responds by tearing away the damaged flesh on his face to reveal his mechanical appearance.

The havoc created soon draws Superman's attention, and with a quick telescopic look into the situation, he speeds into the camping shop. The Terminator's sensors pick up on the incoming threat, but it's all too late as Superman smashes him through the wall and out into the open. More flesh is torn away to reveal the Terminator's robotic hand. As Superman begins to question him, the Terminator shoots him in the face with his laser eye and follows it up with a quick punch. While Superman is recovering, the Terminator rips up a fire hydrant and smashes it across Superman's face. Superman retaliates by taking off the android's head with one punch.

Superman goes to check on the Connors the machine was attacking, and get some answers, but they are gone, not that it takes Superman long to find them. When he asks for answers to what is going on, but Sarah Connor tries to escape with her son. Superman scoops them up and flies them away to the top of a new skyscrapper that is being constructed. They'll be safe here, with him to protect them. John Connor seems impressed. Sarah, finally gaining her trusts on Superman, explains everything to him about the future; the Terminators; and how her son will lead the resistance against the machines, hence the reason for the assassination. Superman is a little bit skeptical, but Sarah points out the android he just fought as proof. But the question remains how did the Terminator find the Connors. They had both been travelling under false names. John then admits that he had entered a competition to win a bike, back at the toy shop. Superman states that he will destroy the entry form, but Sarah points out that he doesn't, because that's how they were found. Superman then suggest that maybe he should get Steel in on this this matter. Suddenly, two more Terminators arrive.

Elsewhere, the Cyborg Superman studies the remains of the Terminator's head. He must contact these people in the future, that built this machine. Connecting himself to it, he quickly feeds in all the data he knows about Superman.

Back at the construction site, the two Terminators seems to recognize Superman before starting to attack him. They shoot out the floor below Superman, and send him falling down. With him out of the way, they can deal with the Connors more easily. Sarah and her son climb into the cabin of one of the construction cranes, while Superman uses his heat-vision to make the crane's counterweight fall towards the Terminators. However, the Terminators easily avoid this. Needing a more effective way to get rid of Superman, the Terminators start throwing debris at the people below. Forcing Superman to save them.

As the Terminators get closer, Sarah swings the crane around and smashes off the arm of one of the Terminators. Having caught all the debris Superman returns, grabbing a bucket as he flies. Emptying the contents into his mouth, he uses his super-breath to spit rivets which tear the androids apart. John is glad it's all over, especially with Superman to protect himself and his mother. But the Man of Steel is concerned over the fact the Terminators know about him.

Having planted a high frequency transmitter into the android skull, The Cyborg forces it under the cowl of a statue of an angel of an unkempt graveyard.

Back at the construction site, Superman takes the Connors to somewhere safer. Once there, a whirling vortex opens, as lightening lashes down and Superman begins to fade away. He tries to use his powers but it's no good. Before he disappears, Superman tells them to call a number and fires off his heat-vision. When he's gone, all that remains is "Lois Lane 5559207" burned into a steel girder.

Superman finds himself kneeling naked on a platform, with a group of men looking at him, mistaken him for a Terminator and start to shoot him. But a man steps forwards and prevent them from doing so. He knows Superman, for he is Steel and informs the hero that he is in 2032.


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