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When a wave of radiation from an exploding red sun reactivated the android Amazo and simultaneously robbed Superman of his powers, the Man of Steel found himself in a vulnerable position. His solution was to create the Supermobile, an amazing vehicle that could duplicate most of Superman's powers while keeping him safe from harmful radiations like that of a red sun or Kryptonite.

Constructed of Supermanium, the hardest metal known in the universe, it is practically as indestructible as the Man of Steel himself.


Robotic Arms/Hands.

Onboard Equipment

Supervision Duplicator, Television Monitor.


Original Supermobile

Original Supermobile
  • The name "Supermobile" was first given to a vehicle designed by Batman for Superman. This vehicle was similar to the Batmobile from its design to the functionalities, but it was soon decommissioned.[1]

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