Quote1 I never pretended with her I was anything but what I was. She could never see me except as she wanted me to be. Quote2
-- Floyd Lawton src

Susan Lawton is the ex-wife of Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot one of the world best assasssins. The couple had the one son Eddie Lawton, named after Floyd's deceased brother. The couples marriage was only short and it ends in a divorce and moves to New York City with their son.[1]

Susan however still loved her husband and kept his last name. However this ends up being a problem as her son is kidnapped from school by a group of men. These criminal were trying to get Deadshot to do job for them. Deadshot instead of complying tracks down the kidknappers and kills them off one by one. Sadly the lead to the rape and murder of Eddie at the hands of a pedophile who was part of the group.[2]