"The Nuke-Face Papers, Part 2": Affected by Nukeface's radioactive waste, Swamp Thing is forced to watch as his body is slowly eaten away.

Quote1 If... it works... I'll see you... suh...soon... If... it doesn't... I love you, Abby. Quote2
-- Swamp Thing

Appearing in "The Nuke-Face Papers, Part 2"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Diagonal Bob (Dies in flashback)
  • Wallace Monroe
  • Treasure Monroe
  • Officer Mike Bernhardt
  • Joey Bernhardt
  • Mrs. Morel
  • Billy Hatcher


Synopsis for "The Nuke-Face Papers, Part 2"

Affected by Nukeface's radioactive waste, Swamp Thing is forced to watch as his body is slowly eaten away.

Meanwhile, Wallace Monroe and his pregnant wife Treasure have come to Louisiana from Pennsylvania after an incident involving a stripmine full of nuclear waste was associated with the disappearances of several homeless people. Wallace overhears a woman talking to the police about a drunken tenant of hers who had gone missing. Later, he catches some children playing at a game where the villain is called Nukeface, and he is compelled to shout at them. Rapidly, he grows more suspicious that Nukeface has followed them from Pennsylvania.

He takes a walk that night, and wanders the swamps, but when he returns home, Treasure has gone out looking for him. He goes to the police, and they search all night for her, coming across evidence that Nukeface has taken up residence in the swamp. That morning, Treasure appears, but when she tells her husband where she's been, he runs away in terror.

That night, Treasure had gone out looking for Wallace, but she was compelled to head into the swamps. She found a man lying on the ground there, and believed that he was sick. Asking herself what Jesus would do, Treasure had wrapped her coat around him, and curled up beside him, to keep him warm. She spent the whole night beside him. When she tells Wallace what happened in the morning, he realizes that she spent the night with Nukeface, and abandons her.

Meanwhile, Swamp Thing tries to reach out to his girlfriend Abby telepathically, and manages to draw her to the spot where he lays helpless. With his time running out, he tells her that he plans to try to expel his consciousness from his body and build another one. He says that if it works, he will see her soon, and if not, he loves her. Before he can say anything else, his body disintegrates before Abby's eyes.

Later, Nukeface recalls Treasure taking care of him, and thinks that must have been a dream. Without more toxic waste to consume, he experiences severe and worsening pain. He therefore becomes determined to find more of it, no matter how long it takes or how far he must go.


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