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"The Catalyst, Part Six: Vyrian's Tomb": Lady Graciel tries desperately to bring her daughter back using the portal crystal they used to get to Nilaa from Earth. She worries that Amaya is in trouble, but when the princess finally materializes, she seems to be quite excite

Quote1 I smell... pizza. I've been worried sick and you've been eating pizza? Quote2
-- Lady Graciel

Appearing in "The Catalyst, Part Six: Vyrian's Tomb"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Vyrian of House Turquoise (As a spirit)
  • Lord Firojha of House Turquoise (Dies)
  • Lady Chandra of House Amethyst (Flashback only)
  • Preet
  • Fuzzybutt the Cat


  • Nilaa
  • Manipoor Island
  • House Citrine
  • Akasa
  • House Turquoise
  • Varalam Rock



Synopsis for "The Catalyst, Part Six: Vyrian's Tomb"

Lady Graciel tries desperately to bring her daughter back using the portal crystal they used to get to Nilaa from Earth. She worries that Amaya is in trouble, but when the princess finally materializes, she seems to be quite excited. She explains how she has just come from an adventure with John Constantine, and ended up getting pizza in Chicago. Graciel is angry that her daughter would make her worry so much, merely to get some pizza, and intends to destroy the crystal. In her effort to prevent that, Amaya's power sparks, and they see a vision of her dead father Vyrian of House Turquoise. Confused, Amaya demands to know more about what happened to him.

Meanwhile, at House Amethyst, Lady Mordiel is visited by Eilla, an assassin of House Onyx, whom she has hired to kill her sister Graciel, despite the fact that their contract does not have the approval of Lady Akikra of that house. Eilla warns that it will be hard to separate Graciel and Amaya, and asks whether Mordiel still intends them to leave the princess alive.

Graciel takes Amaya to Akasa, where House Turquoise resides under the rule of Lord Firojha, Amaya's grandfather. They have come to see the tomb of Vyrian. Amaya senses some tension between her mother and her grandfather, wondering if it has something to do with the way that Firojha gained his power back from his son after he had already given it up to him.

Graciel explains how Mordiel had hoped to find a political way to have her sister killed so that she could inherit more blood power. When Graciel broke the contract to marry Reishan of House Diamond, Mordiel had a convenient excuse. Unfortunately, Graciel's pregnancy posed a threat to Mordiel's power that she could not endure. Prince Vyrian searched and searched for a way to escape to First Home, and he found it just before Amaya was born. In the meantime, Mordiel formed an alliance with Reishan and came after the lovers, forcing them to flee. Firojha helped them hide in safety on Varalam Rock.

They arrive at the tomb that Firojha built for his son, finding Vyrian's body perfectly preserved, having been transmuted completely into pure turquoise. Angrily, Graciel turns on him, claiming that his efforts to honour his son in death were an act of guilt, and not a labour of love. It was Firojha who betrayed them seventeen years ago, telling Mordiel and Reishan of his son's hiding place on Varalam Rock.

There, Vyrian had sent for Lady Akikra of House Onyx, who agreed to take the remaining crystal to House Citrine in seventeen years, after the lovers had passed through the portal. In the process of creating the portal, Graciel soon realized that Vyrian would be giving up his life to power the crystals. Graciel was given no chance to mourn her fallen husband when Mordiel and Reishan's men found them. Akikra shoved Graciel and her infant daughter through the portal to First Home. It was Firojha who told Mordiel of their hiding place, and he had betrayed them in order to gain back his power through the death of his son.

Suddenly, Firojha realizes that the light has left the tomb, and that they will soon be under attack. Graciel is set upon by Eilla and her brother, who thrust a knife into Graciel's chest. Angrily, Amaya rushes forward to defend her mother, refusing to let them finish the job. Encasing her mother in a protective shell of magic, Amaya realizes that if she wants to stop the Onyx assassins, she will have to kill them. Frustrated with the things she has been forced to do since arriving in Nilaa, she flings spears of Amethyst power at them, killing Eilla's brother instantly. Eilla springs at her, demanding vengeance, and Amaya realizes that she must kill her as well, and thrusts her sword into the girl's chest.

Amaya kneels over her mother, hoping to get her help, when she hears the voice of Lady Akikra explaining that the rogue assassins were not working under her orders. She offers Amaya a healing ruby with which to save Graciel's life. Akikra admits that she has killed Firojha as justice for Vyrian's death, but warns that the power of House Turquoise will now be forced to seek out a new host - and the import of that fact will depend on who it chooses.

Meanwhile, in a merchant's district of Akasa, a thief named Preet escapes the city guard with a previous gemstone. When he handles it, though, he is affected suddenly by its magic.

Appearing in "Soul to Soul"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Clarissa Rowe


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Soul to Soul"

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