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"Eclipso Unleashed!": As her mother Lady Senshe was murdered by Lord Kalaa, Princess Ingvie was overcome when the blood power of House Citrine entered her, overloading her mind with the collective memories of every Citrine

Quote1 He can travel through shadows. The night is nearly over. If he fancies himself Lord of Onyx and Diamond, he's had time to visit both. It's a good bet they've fallen to him. That leaves the one House that defeated him in the past... and remains a threat in the present. Quote2
-- Lord Preet of House Turquoise

Appearing in "Eclipso Unleashed!"

Featured Characters:

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  • House Turquoise
  • House Citrine
  • House Diamond
  • House Amethyst



Synopsis for "Eclipso Unleashed!"

As her mother Lady Senshe was murdered by Lord Kalaa, Princess Ingvie was overcome when the blood power of House Citrine entered her, overloading her mind with the collective memories of every Citrine ruler throughout time. Quickly, her friends carry her unconscious body a bed for rest, while Lady Graciel and Elzere travel to House Citrine to investigate. Princess Amaya, meanwhile, is left to watch over her friend with only Lord Preet, a former thief, and now unexpected Lord of House Turquoise for company.

At House Citrine, Graciel finds young Prince Darjeel crouched over his mother's body, in denial about her death. An adviser explains that Senshe had been alone in her study, and no one could have entered without their knowledge. Graciel deduces that Lord Kalaa had used the ability to shadow-walk to travel through the darkness. She advises them to keep the room well lit, to keep the madman away. In the meantime, she decides to take Darjeel back to House Turquoise to see his sister.

At House Onyx, Lady Akikra is annoyed to have discovered that her people are not as well versed in the adherence of the protocols they agreed to long ago. As she prepares to reread them, she is interrupted by the appearance of Kalaa, whose very name brings shame and anger to Akikra. He offers her the chance to join him in his plan to reunite Houses Onyx and Diamond under his supreme reign - or die. Though he cannot control her with his power, her refusal leads him to take control of all of her people, who then turn on her. With little recourse, Akikra and those who share her blood power make their escape, leaving her people to be enslaved by Kalaa.

Finally, Ingvie wakes, realizing the fact that her mother has died. With Darjeel's arrival, Amaya is confused that the blood power did not pass to him instead. Graciel explains that Darjeel was not old enough to receive it, and so, it went to Ingvie instead, despite the fact that she had not wanted it. With this power, Ingvie now remembers the truth of the War of the Eclipse.

Kalaa had been born of the first union between a Lord of House Onyx and a Lady of House Diamond. When he matured, he killed them both, and by means of a Black Diamond, he gained both Houses' blood power during an eclipse. He became tied to darkness, and while leading both houses, he lead a coup against the others, and his evil was so great that the other Houses had to band together against him. He was finally defeated when Lady Chandra of House Amethyst entrapped him within the Black Diamond and took him to First Home to be destroyed. Apparently, she did not entirely succeed, and now, thanks to Constantine's wiles, he has returned, centuries later.

Meanwhile, at House Diamond, Lord Reishan is surprised to find that his guards are now loyal to a new lord. When he confronts the interloper, he has no idea who this "Kalaa" is. Kalaa offers him one chance to surrender to him, and when Reishan refuses, he is immediately beheaded. This causes the blood power of House Diamond to go to his wily son Zushan, who is all too eager to surrender to Kalaa. Angrily, his brother Hadran condemns his betrayal, and they fight. Unfortunately, with the blood power on Zushan's side, Hadran is nearly killed. He is saved at the last moment, though, by Lady Akikra, who appears from the shadows and spirits him away. Even so, Kalaa now controls both Houses Onyx and Diamond.

Back at House Turquoise, Preet realizes that Kalaa must have killed Senshe because of what she knew about him, and must have no idea that Ingvie has received the power in her stead. As such, he willl have visited both Houses of Onyx and Diamond, leaving only House Amethyst - the one that defeated him, to visit. Graciel confirms as much, and hopes that they can reach Lady Mordiel before Kalaa does.

At House Amethyst, Mordiel is surprised to find that an army is at her gates, preparing to destroy her House.

Appearing in "Hell and Back"

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Synopsis for "Hell and Back"

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  • Though John Constantine appears on the cover of this book, he does not appear in the interiors.


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