Quote1 Red, white and blue.Too much red. Stars and Stripesy, stars and stripe Quote2
-- Dr. Fate src

Very little was known about Sylvester Pemberton's early life. Sylvester came from a rich family. While still in his teens, he assumed the guise of the masked mystery man known as the Star-Spangled Kid and got an adult sidekick, Pat Dugan (AKA Stripsey). He later became a member of the Justice Society of America. Eventually, Sylvester was framed by a government agency for embezzling and was arrested. Just like the rest of his friends, Sylvester tried to take the blame and exonerate the others. Due to evidence of jury tampering and missing witnesses, the police could not hold them and Sylvester was released from custody. Later, he gave his costume and equipment to his old sidekick, Pat Dugan. Dugan stored them, in a footlocker, until his stepdaughter found them and decided to use them to become a super-hero on her own in order to annoy Pat. Sylvester found out about her and decided to take her under his wing and train her. Sylvester also gained information regarding several other, new super-heroes that were emerging. This sparked a desire in Sylvester to create another Justice Society, composed of the old JSAers and the new kids.

In season nine Sylvester Pemberton approached Chloe Sullivan in a deserted alley and introduced himself to her. He told her he knew about her team of superheroes and said he was once in a society too. When he heard a strange sound, he threw Chloe into a dumpster and told her to stay there. The temperature dropped and Chloe remained in the dumpster as a fight raged outside. Being thrown around inside, Chloe tried to see what was happening outside when the noise stopped. After getting out, she knelt next to Sylvester who was stabbed all over his body. He kept repeating the word "Check" but died before he could tell her anything else.




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