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TNTeena was one of several young metahumans who engaged in mortal combat at the Dark Side Club. She was pitted against Rose Wilson, the Ravager, the newest member of the Terror Titans. As her name implies, TNTeena demonstrated the ability to generate bursts of concussive force from her hands. Ravager survived her attack and countered by slicing off TNTeen's fingers with her sword. After the battle, the Clock King's personnel had TNTeena's fingers re-attached. He assigned Copperhead the task of watching over her.

Copperhead and TNTeena grew quite close with one another, and soon fell in love. Copperhead expressed his joy to the Clock King, but unfortunately, the Clock King gave him a special assignment. To prove his loyalty to the Terror Titans, he had to kill TNTeena.

Copperhead pretended that he was staging a false prisoner tranfer and told TNTeena that they were leaving the Dark Side Club forever. When they go to the front gates however, Copperhead activated a device on TNTeena's manacles that brutally mutilated her, ultimately resulting in a horrifying and painful death.



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