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Takron-Galtos is the principal prison and criminal rehabilitation facility for the United Planets in the 30th century. The planetary prison is largely automated and houses high security inmates from all across the galaxy. The administrative staff at Takron-Galtos consisted of a warden and armed guards from the Science Police.

In the 21st Century era, the Guardians of the Universe deposited many galactic criminals at Takron-Galtos, many of whom were apprehended by their militant charges the Green Lantern Corps. Galactic bounty hunter Lobo is also responsible for sending escaped felons to the prison planet (those he doesn't kill, at least).

By the late 30th Century, the Legion of Super-Heroes had many adventures on or near Takron-Galtos and were chiefly responsible for the majority of the criminals contained there. Legionnaire Brainiac 5 once erected a force shield that encased the entire planet. The shield helped with increased traffic control, but also prevented convicts from escaping the prison's surface.

One of the prison's most massive escape attempts took place during an incident known as the Great Darkness Saga. Agents of Darkseid known as the Servants of Darkness, bypassed the prison's security systems and released many of the prisoners. While many felons attempted to flee their confines, others decided to take revenge against their jailers. Members of the Legion of Super-Heroes were called in to assist the Science Police in containing the threat. [1]


Nearly every foe of the Legion of Super-Heroes has served time at Takron-Galtos at one point or another.


  • Takron-Galtos is common both Earth-One (Pre-Zero Hour) continuity, Post-Zero Hour continuity and current Post-Infinite Crisis continuity, though the planet's history has been altered to reflect the various rebooted 30th-31st century timelines.


  • The name Takron-Galtos was also used to describe an interplanetary prison in the PC game Star Wars: Jedi Outcast.

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