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Tales of the Batman: Gene Colan Vol 1 (Collected)

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This hardcover Batman collection is the first volume to collect the Batman stories illustrated by Gene Colan. It contains the stories from October, 1981 to August, 1983.

This collection reprints stories from the following comic book issues:

(A Man Called Mole! from October, 1981)
(A Dagger So Deadly from January, 1982)
(Head-Hunt by a Mad Hatter from January, 1982)
(Monster, My Sweet! from February, 1982)
(Calling Doctor Death! from March, 1982)
(The Fatal Prescription of Doctor Death! from March, 1982)
(Shadow Play from June, 1982)
(Blood Sport from July, 1982)
(Nightmare in Crimson! from August, 1982)
(The Monster in the Mirror from August, 1982)
(What Stalks the Gotham Night? from September, 1982)
(Inferno from February, 1983)
(Requiem for Skulls from July, 1983)
(The Thief of Night! from August, 1983)

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