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Tales of the Teen Titans Vol 1 71


Tales of the Teen Titans Vol 1 71

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"Sins of the Past": This story is reprinted from New Teen Titans (Volume 2) #12.

Appearing in "Sins of the Past"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Abby Washington
  • Abraham Lincoln Carver (Flashback and main story)
  • Carmine Rosetti (Deceased)
  • Congressman Withers (Flashback and main story)
  • Cynthia Cannon (Dies in flashback)
  • Cyrus Washington
  • Irma Withers
  • Peter
  • Martha Cannon (Dies in flashback)
  • Martin Cannon (Dies in flashback)
  • Sofia Malenkov (Flashback and main story)


  • Southern tip



Synopsis for "Sins of the Past"

This story is reprinted from New Teen Titans (Volume 2) #12.

Dick Grayson is baffled when a little girl inexplicably appears in his apartment, then just as mysteriously vanishes, and her skipping rhyme reveals that she knows his secret identity. The same child appears to Cyborg as he battles hired killers who have assassinated Carmine Rosetti, a witness in an upcoming criminal prosecution. Cyborg calls in the Titans, who begin their investigation by interviewing Mrs. Malenkov, a tenant in Dick's building, and Mr. Carver, the building janitor. Between their stories and yet another appearance and disappearance of the mysterious little girl, the Titans piece the history of the case. The child is the image of Cynthia Cannon, who lived in Dick's apartment fifty years earlier with her parents. The whole family vanished at that time under unexplained circumstances. With the help of Victor's grandparents, the Titans connect the Cannons with Carmine Rosetti, after which a search of Rosetti's home yields the phone number of Congressman Henry Withers. Withers provides the solution to the puzzle. Years ago, his first wife, with Rosetti as her aide, had been involved in organized crime. Martin Cannon was her accountant, but when he accidentally discovered her true source of income, she killed him and his family to keep them from going to the police with the information. With this evidence, the Titans are able to arrest the former Mrs. Withers, Mafia leader Donna Omicidio, for the murders she committed fifty year ago. When they find the skeletons of Mr. and Mrs. Cannon hidden in the wall of Dick's apartment, the ghost of young Cynthia reappears and is reunited with the spirits of her parents.


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