Captain Midnight stories are treated differently, here, based on whether they appeared in the anthology title (A.G.C.) or the hero-titled title (C.M.). Captain Midnight stories from "Captain Midnight" are unindexed here, based on C.M. being a licensed character, and on the character being licensed to a different publisher at the time. And at this time. So my practical question is this: is it going to create heartburn if I synopsize some Captain Midnight stories that appeared in the Fawcett anthology titles? If so, is it permissable to synopsize only the crossover stories, featuring the established Fawcett characters, or are C.M. standalone stories fair game? Where's the boundary? Stoop Davy Dave (talk) 01:54, September 13, 2015 (UTC)

I don't think we are treating the stories differently, we are treating the series differently.

America's Greatest Comics is an anthology series where some of the features were owned by Fawcett (and thus were eventually bought by DC) and some of the features were just licensed by Fawcett (and therefore DC did not buy those features/characters from Fawcett, because Fawcett didn't own them). When indexing an issue, we want to be complete, so the Fawcett-owned stories and the licensed stories can both be indexed. You can add creator info, character info and synopses for both types of stories. The only difference is the licensed characters don't have character pages in the DC wiki, so you can't link to those. (If there is another wiki in Wikia that includes the licensed characters, link to their pages there instead).

Captain Midnight (the comic series) is a comic book 100% devoted to Captain Midnight, a licensed character that Fawcett did not own, so DC did not buy from them. Since there is nothing in the series that relates to DC, it is not in the DC wiki. And since the series isn't here, you can't index the stories in the series. QED.

All that said, there is one exception that may allow the addition of the Captain Midnight series and character pages for the Captain Midnight characters, if the admins agree to let you use it. I call it the Shadow Exception, because it is why we have character pages for the characters from The Shadow Vol 1. If the licensed characters were totally integrated into the main continuity, they can be let in. So, if you can show that Fawcett's Captain Midnight stories were happening in the same universe as Captain Marvel, Bulletman and the rest (Earth-S), the admins may allow the Captain Midnight series and Captain Midnight character pages into the DC wiki. (Or they may not after all.) Shadzane 💀 (talk) 19:20, September 13, 2015 (UTC)